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Dancing Serbian Lady Tiktok: What Is The Real Story? Reveal Facts Now!

The Dancing Serbian Lady Tiktok write-up boosted the fear among the watchers of this video. Read the reality of the clip here.

Do you look for trending videos? Are you a follower of any trending accounts? Several videos get a boost after a long time of its publishing. It has become viral and a trend on all social platforms worldwide.

A Serbian lady is dancing on the street strangely; she is getting rounds in Australia and the United KingdomThe video geared the public’s attention, and they started gazing at the complete clip. Here, we discuss Dancing Serbian Lady Tiktok facts we recovered from our research. 


Disclaimer: We only report the news that we acquire through genuine investigation. We allow it to reach our readers only if it has solid proof. All the knowledge here is for information.

About the creepy viral Serbian lady video

The Serbian lady dancing in the streets was captured by the witness and uploaded on the Tiktok platform. This video was originally posted in 2019. However, it recently resurfaced in the attention of netizens on social platforms.

Netizens are in a horror state and are shocked after looking into the video. It is now urging the audience to know about Serbian Dancing Lady StoryWe started researching and got relevant details regarding this creepy viral video. 

More about the Serbian Dancing lady video 

The Serbian Dancing Lady video was initially released in February 2019 through a Serbia Today site. Again, it is trending by an account name @aatc13 on a Tiktok platform. The video depicted an older woman dancing in the middle of the street. The background music was a little creepy and horrifying, shocking the public.

The video had an attractive hashtag like #horror,#dancingladyserbia and more. The caption of the video said, ‘be careful, guys’.  

Is Serbian Dancing Lady Real?

The witness mentioned that the dancing mystery lady frightened common people with a knife. People feared that she might harm the passerby. Another witness mentioned seeing this lady roaming nearby to a city hospital. The search for this lady started immediately. However, she disappeared from the spot.

The Tiktok Serbian dancing lady video gained 77.4 million views, of which 6.4 million watchers liked this post. The video then flooded with comments.

What Is Serbian Dancing Lady?

Several watchers reposted the clip of the dancing lady in the Serbian streets. Several claims were revealed after the investigation. However, the video did not show a lady threatening or chasing anybody.

The whereabouts of the lady seen in this viral footage was not traced. No witness had seen her face and hence could not describe her looks. The lady had never been spotted again in the same location. 

Therefore the truth about the Dancing Serbian Lady Tiktok has been unpacked since then.

Social media Links

We cannot share other links due to horrifying activities. 


The Serbian Dancing lady is trending on social media. The video is real and has resurfaced in the media after several years of gap. The lady in this video is creeping the watchers, and people are frightened after watching it.

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Dancing Serbian Lady Tiktok: FAQ

Q1. Did anyone notice the lady in the street

Yes, a person from Zvezdara, Belgrade municipality, spotted the dancing lady in national dress.

Q2. Which location did this dancing lady video taken? 

One report claimed a dancing lady was taken in Belgrade, Serbia.

Q3. What type of dance did this Serbian lady dance? 

The dance form is said to be identical to the folk dance of Serbia, Kola. 

Q4. Who is the investigating officer? 

It is unrevealed

Q5. Who is in the family of a Serbian dancing lady?

 The family of the Serbian dancing lady is unknown.

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