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Dana White Wife Video: Check The Viral Video Content Details From Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, And Reddit!

This post on Dana White Wife Video will reveal the details of the incident that happened on New Year’s Eve between Dana and Anne.

How was your new year’s eve? Did you enjoy it well? Just like you, popular celebrities also enjoy their new year’s eve grandly. But, some incidents make the scenario quite serious. Recently, Dana White Wife Video in a nightclub has shaken people in the United States and Canada. The video has also reached other parts of the world and people are talking about White Couple who has been married for around 30 years. Kindly stay with us know.


Dana and His Wife: Viral Video

If you are connected with social media sites, then you must have seen the viral video of Dana and Anne. In the video, the couple can be seen fighting with each other. As per online sources, the couple went to a nightclub to celebrate their New Year’s Eve. But, they were engaged in a quarrel.

DISCLAIMER: All the reports are taken from web pages. These details are not artificially made and we do not have any intention to spice up this matter.

Viral On Twitter: How The Fight Started?

According to online sources, it was not an intentional fight. There was only a misunderstanding between the couple. The wife of UFC’s President, Anne White leaned forward toward her husband to say something and she gave a reaction as if she was spank him while moving her hands across Dana’s face. As a result of this action, Dana reacted same to her wife. After that people nearby started pulling them apart. Someone who recorded the full scenario has uploaded the video on platforms like Reddit.

The reaction of Dana White to This 

According to TMZ reports, Dana opened up about his views on this incident. He explained what had happened that night. He told that he felt guilty on this matter as he is someone who respects the relationship. Also, he said that he was embarrassed and their main concern is for their three kids. Although, the couple told theirs about this fight to their kids. Furthermore, Dana said that Anne and he were drunk heavily. The couple did not have any controversy in their thirty years of bond.

Anne also expressed her views on Tiktok viral video. She said that things automatically went out of control. They have talked about this situation with their kids and family. She admitted that they both apologized for this incident to each other. She also requested everyone to give them some space and privacy for their kids’ sake.

Is the video available?

Yes, you can check out this video on online sources. Various sources like Telegram have shared the video.


One can go through the fight video of Dana and Anne here.

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Dana and Anne Video on Instagram – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Dana White?

Ans. Dana White is a well-known personality in fighting championships. He is the President of UFC.

Q2. Who is the wife of Dana White?

Ans. Anne White is the wife of Dana White. They are happily married for three decades.

Q3. What is the trending detail on Dana and Anne?

Ans. The couple started fighting when they were celebrating New Year’s Eve in a nightclub.

Q4. On which sites video circulated?

Ans. The video was circulated on several online sources like YouTube, Twitter, etc.

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