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{Full Watch} Dale Mooney Patriots Video Leaked on Twitter: Find Fan Dies Fight Video, Newmarket NH!

This post content is about Dale Mooney Patriots Video Leaked on Twitter and Reddit in which Dale Mooney was seen getting involved in a Fight and Died

Have you seen the recently viral news about Dale Mooney? How did Dale Mooney die? We will briefly talk about the whole scenario in this post and find out the important factors related to the case. This news is a trending topic in the United States

Check out the post for more detailed information on Dale Mooney Patriots Video Leaked on Twitter and the public reaction to the controversial footage. Follow the article for further knowledge. 

What is the Dale Mooney Patriots Video Leaked on Twitter?

On Sunday, 17th September 2023, there was a match between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins team at Gillette Stadium; a fight broke out between the two NFL fans. This is not the first fight which happened during the match. This Sunday was a very eventful night for the NFL fans as the situation escalated very quickly, and the Dale Mooney Fight Video started circulating shortly after. It is very common for clashes between two team’s fans during the match, but this case went way above the fight. 

What was the cause of Dale Mooney’s Death? 

The autopsy reports are yet to come out to confirm any particular reason for his death, but it is reported that he died after getting hit on his head. As per Dale Mooney’s Reddit  Video, nothing was found. Dale’s wife had said he does not have any health issues. It is also confirmed that he had consumed any liquor. 

Brief understanding of the viral 

Several videos and pictures are shared online by the witness present on the ground. A video leaked on social media shows the verbal argument between the two hardcore fans. As per the Patriots Fan Dies Video, it turned into physical fighting where Dale Mooney got punched on the side of his head. 

The security tried to diffuse the situation by separating them, but after one punch, Dale went down. The paramedic reached the scene at 11 at night after receiving the report. Dale was taken to the nearby hospital for medical attention, but he was no more. Dale Mooney Newmarket, NH, was a 53-year-old middle-aged man with two kids. 

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What were the witness’s statements over the viral fight video? 

Many witnesses’ statements came to light after the incident; they described the situation in detail as they said the Paramedics compressions on him for about 10 minutes. It was brutal to watch that the man died in front of our eyes, but the match didn’t stop even after the, as per the Dale Mooney Reddit video. 

Several people were confused by the situation and sought video assistance, while others said it was not something crazy, but the guy wasn’t getting up after the punch, and then paramedics were called up. 

What was the Patriot’s statement on the matter? 

The Patriots released an Official statement that they are saddened and heartbroken by the loss of Mooney and expressed their sympathy and condolences to his family and friends after the Patriots Fan Dies Video went viral.

Social media URLs :

Video released of stadium fight that lead to Pats Fan’s death
byu/Darrone inPatriots


The game night, which was supposed to be fun, they were turned out to be a very horrific experience for the fans. Even a person lost his life in this course. No one has been charged guilty for Dale’s death until now, but the investigation process is still ongoing. 

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