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Dalarnia Token Price (Nov 2021) Chart & How To Buy?

Are you scrolling down the Internet to find out the Dalarnia Token Price? Then, your quest finishes here. Read this article carefully.

Have you noticed a game in which players can mine their stuff while improving their abilities? If you are not aware of such things, then we will guide you in this post. 

Worldwide investors want to trade cryptocurrencies in an exciting way, such as by playing online games. However, some trading companies have made it easier to gain valuable tokens by playing simple games, which will attract most investors online. 

So, a well-liked game, Mines of Dalarnia, has improved its gameplay to benefit its users in the future. Let us initiate a discussion on Dalarnia Token Price.

Introducing The Game 

‘Mines of Dalarnia’ is an action-adventure game where you can mine and fight with enemies to level up. In addition, you can accumulate the in-game items, including minerals, relics, etc., during battling, providing you with several abilities. 

Also, with leveling up in the game, you can unlock more features of the MoD universe’s including its secrets. Moreover, the game is owned by users, which facilitates transparency amongst its traders. 

However, the game assets are represented by non-fungible tokens, which you can trade in different markets after realizing Dalarnia Token Price.

What is the Token?

DAR is the game’s native token that plays a vital role in maintaining the token’s equilibrium. Also, it motivates the players by upgrading the Dalarnia world regularly. in addition, it is also used each time you upgrade your tools from the in-app marketplace. 

Moreover, DAR tokens have dual functions; first, you can invest them for further game development or be burned. So let us determine the in-depth details of its founder. 

Who is the Owner?

The game is supported by remarkable investors like Booby Bao, the co-founder of Crypto.com, which will increase the Dalarnia Token Price in later stages. Also, it is noticed that Crypto.com invested its capital in these games, intending to enhance the Blockchain Gaming concept. 

Features Offered By The Game 

Factors  Evaluation 
User’s game  The game is developed by/to users to promote liquidity.
Play-to-earn facility  You can earn rare items, compete and upgrade your character to win several freebies.
Huge incentives  The platform provides more rewards to landowners through improved open markets and NFTs. 

Live Dalarnia Token Price

The token’s price is not yet officially revealed; however, some reports suggest that the cost of 1 DAR is equal to 0.023 USD at present. 

 Other Statistical Data 

  • The number of tokens available for Sale is 24,000,000 DAR.
  • The token’s rank is unavailable.
  • The soft cap value is not available.
  • There is no information found related to tokens sold. 
  • Its personal cap is dependent on staking.
  • The percentage of total supply is 3%.
  • The DAR token accepts BNB/BUSD.
  • Upon researching facts on Dalarnia Token Price, we have found that its ticker symbol is DAR.
  • DAR provides access to all publics. 

When Can Traders Buy DAR Tokens?

Several opinions have revealed that Binance will list the DAR token on 4-11-2021 at 8 am (UTC). Thus, you can buy it exclusively from 4th November 2021 over Binance. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. State the official site of DAR?

A1. DAR’s official site is https://www.minesofdalarnia.com.

Q2. Mention DAR’s Contract Address.

A2. The contract address of Dalarnia Token is 0x081131434f93063751813c619ecca9c4dc7862a3. Visit here to know more about the token. 


In this ‘Dalarnia Token Price‘ post, we have learned about the Mines of Dalarnia game. Also, facts on in-game currency ‘DAR’ with its utilities, including liquidity, are evaluated in the write-up. 

The token’s statistical data, including total supply percentage, is also explained in this article to detect its benefits. Also, it is seen that it will list on Binance from 4th November 2021. 

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Will you buy this token for future benefit? Comment your thoughts below. 

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