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Da Brat Pregnant Is: What Is Wife Name? Want To Check Unknown Facts and Girlfriend Judy Details? Checkout Her Net Worth 2023 & Pregnancy Facts Now!

This post on Da Brat Pregnant Is discloses facts about a couple who married last year and are expecting their first child.

Has Da Brat announced a pregnancy? Is the couple expecting a child? Many social media users from the United States and other places are circulating the pregnancy announcement of Da Brat.

The 48-year-old Da Brat shared that she was unsure whether raising babies and extending family would be on her agenda. She never imagined having children, and the artist remarked that she believed she wouldn’t be successful. So, read more about Da Brat Pregnant Is in this post.



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Is the news of Da Brat’s pregnancy true?

The actor in “Glitter” and musician Da Brat is expecting their first child with her spouse Jesseca Harris-Dupart “Judy.” Da Brat stated she had a successful profession and a rich life and believed that it would never occur for her since she hadn’t gotten pregnant.

Da Brat Wife Name:

Da Brat wed Harris-Dupart, a 41-year-old businesswoman who makes hair products and has three kids, in February 2022.

As per Jesseca, Brat was slightly concerned about getting a kid and was eventually persuaded. She also mentioned that initially, there was a small tug-of-war. However, Jesseca thought Brat must go through it and added that Brat was extremely nurturing.

The WE tv reality show Brat Loves Judy has featured information on Da Brat’s connection with Harris-Dupart.

Da Brat Pregnancy:

Before the embryo transfer or fertility procedure, Da Brat had reportedly undergone surgery to eliminate polyps and fibroids. Before the present pregnancy, Da Brat previously lost childbirth.

Professional life:

The Chicago-based rap artist’s platinum-certified debut single video album, Funkdafied, which included the hits “Funkdafied,” “Fa All Y’all,” and “Give It 2 You,” was launched in 1995. The track hits “Not Tonight” and “I Think They Like Me” were written by Da Brat, who has received two nominations for Grammy.

Her filmography includes parts in the 1996 Shaquille O’Neal vehicle Kazaam and the Mariah Carey-starring Glitter in 2001.

Da Brat and Wife:

Since Da Brat and her spouse, businesswoman Jesseca Harris-Dupart, are expecting a child, they shared it publicly. She described her maternity to the media as “rather a trip.” The artist, who is 48, added that there was much more they learnt about females than 40.

She claimed that she had no aspirations to have children before encountering her spouse, currently the mom of three children.

How did Da Brat announce the expectancy?

The pair announced their expectancy with a gorgeous photo shoot for a magazine. Harris-Dupart sported a glittering black gown, whereas Da Brat sported a suit (pinstriped) paired with an open shirt, a black hat, and an overcoat.

The two talked about their plans to raise their children, with Harris-Dupart experiencing serious health issues following an egg retrieval operation. Da Brat is in the second trimester and was excited about it.

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On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, Da Brat posted images to Instagram displaying the musician congratulating Harris-Dupart on their pregnancy. The announcement of their pregnancy made people know all about it. 

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Da Brat Pregnant Is: FAQs

Q1. Who is Da Brat?

Da Brat is a rap artist and an actress.

Q2. Who did Da Brat marry?

Jesseca Dupart 

Q3. What is the nickname of Da Brat’s spouse?

Da Brat Girlfriend Judy

Q4. When was Da Brat born?

April 14, 1974

Q5. Where is Da Brat from?

Illinois, Chicago, U.S.

Q6. When did Da Brat marry Jesseca?

February 2022

Q7. What is Da Brat Net Worth 2023?

5 million USD

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