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Cunhado Ana Hickmann Instagram: Collect Details On Gustavo Correa Leo Dias!

The post describes the detailed incident on Cunhado Ana Hickmann Instagram and how it is related to Gustavo Correa.

Do you know the famous model from Brazil, Ana Hickmann, known for her talent and beauty? 

The model also remains in the headings for her exciting love life. You often saw Ana Hickmann with her partner, who proudly showed her love and affection to the camera. Recent news shocked everyone, though they have been among the best couples for more than 26 years.

The couple came into the headlines for unwanted reasons, shocking the fans of Ana Hickmann and Gustavo Correa and raising many questions. So, let’s look at the Cunhado Ana Hickmann Instagram article, where you get every detail about Gustavo Correa and Ana Hickmann.

Why Cunhado Ana Hickmann Instagram is trending over the internet?

Cunhado is a Portuguese word which means a man or woman who married to their sister or brother. Ana Hickmann caught the headlines when, on Saturday, she reported that her longtime partner attacked her. Soon after the news of physical violence over Ana Hickmann via her husband came in, the information spread like wildfire on the internet.

On Saturday, 11 Nov 2023, Ana Hickmann reported a disagreement between Ana Hickmann and Alexandre Correa, so she called the police. Ana Hickmann confirmed that Alexandre Correa physically assaulted her. She also shared pictures of her physical abuse on her social media. Therefore, Cunhado Ana Hickmann Instagram is trending over the internet.

Ana also confirmed that her husband, Alexandre Correa, attacked her at her home in Itu, São Paulo, so she called the police.

What is the reaction of the people to Gustavo Correa Ana Hickmann?

When Ana Hickmann shared the horrifying incident, people were shocked to see the couple. Ana’s fans were worried and shared their wishes and care for Ana. People show extreme love and affection to Ana in this challenging time. However, people are more concerned about seeing such a loved couple in this state.

Soon after fans started sharing their love and affection on the social media platform, Ana Hickmann thanked her fans over social media for showing enormous love and care. However, we will share further details about Gustavo Correa Ana Hickmann in our updated post because only limited information about this incident is currently available online.

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How did Alexandre Correa react to the claim of Ana Hickmann Leo Dias?

When Ana Hickmann shared the picture of her physical abuse, everyone was shocked to see that, so journalist Leo Dias asked questions about the claim of Ana Hickmann against Alexandre Correa. In that conversation, Alexandre Correa dismisses the claim of Ana Hickmann. He said he was not right or might have been dealing with the wrong person. Alexandre Correa denied the claim, said he was going to the Itu, São Paulo, and asked Leo Dias where he got everything. Thus, he ultimately rejected Ana Hickmann Leo Dias claim. For further details, check out the social media links given below.

Social Media Links-


Cunhado de Ana Hickmann vira réu. Afinal, o que é legítima defesa?
byu/Leolenori inbrasil



Ana Hickmann is trending over the internet when she claims that her husband, Alexandre Correa, physically assaulted her after a little disagreement.

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