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Cuffe Parade Accident {April 2022} Reveal The Facts!

Tap on this article and get detailed information about the Cuffe Parade Accident and other information that police have shared about the accused.

Do you know that a husband killed his wife with a knife? Have you heard of this incident before? Nowadays, murder incidents have become common everywhere worldwide, including in India. Today we are going to discuss a murder case that will shock you.

If you don’t read this article, based on our internet’s research, you will be able to know about the Cuffe Parade AccidentPeople are now searching for this incident and want to know what steps have been taken by the police.

About the Cuffe accident!

A couple used to live in Cuffe Parade, but since last year their relationship is not going well. Due to this reason, Chitawal shifted to his parents’ home. His parents live in Titwala. But Chitawal may give a contract to a serial killer to kill his wife and resolve all the issues.

Her wife was murdered, and the serial killer stabbed her thirty times. This is the main story behind the Cuffe Parade Accident.

Who are the couples that were involved in this tragedy?

Mohammad Irfan Chitawal and Shaheen were a couple who spent five years of relationship together, and they got married. They also have two kids of two years and four years. They got married over five years and used to spend quality time together.

According to the report, they started fighting different issues last year. Later Chitawal started living with his parents alone. Later, he created a plan to solve all the problems with his wife, and Chitawal planned to call her wife.

Cuffe Parade Accident!

The married couple had a bad relationship last year. Later Chitwal started to live with his parents to avoid the daily problem. This accident occurred when Chitawal called her wife Shaheen on Friday and said he wanted to resolve this issue and start living together. 

Chatwal met with her wife at a park in Cuffe parade on Saturday at 10.30 am. After discussing the matter, he suddenly pulled a knife and stabbed his wife in her chest and abdomen several times. 

We found this information after the police officer Ajay Sawant. Shaheen was sent to the hospital, but she had already died. It is the story of the Cuffe Parade Accident.

Why is this topic trending?

An incident had happened on Cuffe Parade, where a thirty-year-old lady was stabbed in the park by her husband. She died until the police took her to the hospital. Now people are demanding punishment for the accused. His name is Chitawal.

The Last Words:

Recently murder happened in the park of Cuffe, where a husband stabbed her wife several times. Now, police arrested him and made a charge sheet so that he could not be released from jail. 

Please share what type of punishment Chitawal deserves after the Cuffe Parade Accident in our comment box. Click here to know detailed news about Cuffe Parade.

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