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Cryptozoon Contract Address {July} How To Buy? Address

Cryptozoon Contract Address {July} How To Buy? Address >> To know more about currency to invest in this new gaming token, please read the complete article.

Blockchain technology has started a new digital revolution in the gaming world, and are you excited about exploring this new digital facility? Then you must know more about the features of this new gaming technology which will enhance your gaming experience to a new level.

This platform has a wide range of features to offer, enhancing the different aspects of gaming and providing the users a new digital gaming world to explore. New generation gamers from the Philippines are using Cryptozoon Contract Address to participate in this unique gaming experience.

About Cryptozoon and its Contract Address

Cryptozoon is a crypto token that got influenced by the pokemon story that helps millions of gamers worldwide to involve in digital gaming based on blockchain and NFT in an effortless way. Players can use the cryptozoon token to develop games, play games, and join the training.

The contract address of cryptozoon is a set of programs that acts as a self-executing deal among the buyers and sellers of this blockchain technology. To know more about the Cryptozoon Contract Addressplease go through this article completely.

Cryptozoon Founder

Unfortunately, no information regarding the founder of cryptozoon is found, which is very common in blockchain technology and NFT. Many founders of the crypto world like to stay anonymous, like the founder of Bitcoin, where no one knows the details about the Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

So, no details regarding the founders of the team or investors behind this token are available. However, we will update the same in the upcoming article if any update is made regarding the topic mentioned above. So, keep reading to know more details about the Cryptozoon Contract Address. 

Price of Cryptozoon Token Today

The current price of Cryptozoon is trading at $0.04761761, and its trading volume is $39,049,715. It has changed its value to 64.1% in the last 24 hours.

Contract Address: 0x9D173E6c594f479B4d47001F8E6A95A7aDDa42bC

More About Cryptozoon and its Market Supply

  • Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Total Supply: 574,509,020
  • Circulating Supply: No details available
  • Fully Diluted Valuation: $53,823,094
  • Trading Volume (last 24 hours): $39,049,715
  • Market Capitalization: Not available
  • Market Capitalization Dominance: Not available
  • 24 hours low/ 24 hours high: $0.01795563 / $0.058898
  • 7 days low/ 24 days high: $0.02606057 / $0.058898
  • All- time High: $0.058898 -8.7% Jul 30, 2021 
  • All-time Low: $0.01181170 355.3% Jul 29, 2021

The process involved in buying using Cryptozoon Contract Address

Cryptozoon buying and its transactions can be done using Pancakeswap, an online active crypto exchange platform. The contract address mentioned above needs to be copied and pasted on the Pancakeswap exchange to complete the transaction.


Q1. What is the official website link of Cryptozoon?

A1 The official website of Cryptozoon is  https://cryptozoon.io. For more details regarding the token, kindly visit the official website.

Q2. The number of total address holders present?

A2. There are 29514 address holders present, which plays a crucial role in the Cryptozoon Contract Address transaction of the Cryptozoon.

Q3. How many Cryptozoon transfers are taking place?

A3. Currently, 388,388 transfers are in place. All the transfers are taking place in the crypto exchange between buyers and sellers.


Crypto is a new investment tool that can help to diversify the investment portfolio. To know more about Experience points, check here.  

The Crypto market is highly volatile, and the investor should always look for the risk factor and know more about Investing in Crypto. Kindly share your valuable feedback on the crypto investing and gaming done with the help of the Cryptozoon Contract Address.

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