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Cryptocoin.com Coin (Nov 2021) Price, Chart, How To Buy?

The guide shares details about the new Cryptocoin.com Coin and why people are searching online about CRO Coin.  

Last week was quite rough for the Crypto investors. The most notable exception in the Crypto marketplace is the price surge of the newly launched Cryptocurrency, Crypto.com Coin. Crypto’s price heightened by 30% last week, making news amongst the investors in the United States

Cryptocoin.com is the major Crypto exchange backed by various Blockchain-related products and Crypto assets. It allows trading, selling, and buying different currencies with low trading fees. It uses the native currency Crypto.com Coin, but investors are searching using the term Cryptocoin.com Coin.

So, we will be discussing the coin below in this post. 

What is Crypto.com Coin?

Crypto.com Coin is the official currency or token of the popular Crypto exchange, Crypto.com Chain, an open-source, decentralized Blockchain exchange developed by Crypto.com trading, payment, and financial service company. 

Crypto.com is a project developed to speed up the adoption of Crypto as a means of heightening control over money, protecting users’ identities and data. The official token of the platform is in the news after its price skyrocketed by 30% last week.

Many investors in the United States are attracted and searching for more details online using Cryptocoin.com Coin. But, it is just the terms used for searching as the original name of the token is Crypto.com Coin or CRO.

About the Crypto.com Coin Founders

Crypto.com Coin was launched back in 2016 as Monaco Technologies GmbH. Four veterans founded it, Kris Marszalek, who serves as CEO; Rafael Melo, who serves as CFO, Gary Or, serving as Co-Founder; and Bobby Bao, serving as Head of Crypto.com Capital.

You may access the complete list of the team members behind the success of this Crypto coin directly from the official website. The company is also active on social media with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. 

Cryptocoin.com Coin – Market Analysis, Statistics, and Supply

As per the major exchange Coinmarketcap.com, the live price of the CRO coin is $0.689768, with a hike of 14.38%. The CRO Coin recorded the highest trading volume of $2 386 543 528 in 24 hours. There has been a hike of 14.88% in trading volume in the last 24 hours. 

CRO coin has secured the ranking of #13 based on its live market capitalization of $17 425 613 636. The CRO coin has recorded a fully diluted market capitalization of $20 874 452 687.

Besides, the Cryptocoin.com Coin has a total circulating supply of 25 263 013 692 CRO with a maximum supply of 30 263 013 692 CRO.

How to Buy Crypto.com Coin?

  • Sign-up with any major exchanges that support CRO coin
  • Link your digital wallet with the exchange
  • Add funds that support the coin and allow swapping
  • Find the coin on the exchange using contract address 0xa0b73e1ff0b80914ab6fe0444e65848c4c34450b
  • Enter the number of CRO coins you want to buy
  • Swap the supported currency for Cryptocoin.com Coin
  • Hold the CRO coin in your wallet and use it for trading on Crypto.com 


Q1. What is the Official Link of CRO Coin?

A1. Find all the relevant information about the platform and coin at https://crypto.com/

Q2. What is the market Dominance of Crypto.com Coin?

A2. As per Coinmarketcap.com, the market dominance of the CRO coin is 0.68%.

Q3. Which Contract Address to Use for Trading CRO?

A3. The contract address for trading CRO Coin is 0xa0b73e1ff0b80914ab6fe0444e65848c4c34450b


The worldwide investors are attracted to the native currency of Crypto.com because of the major price hike of 30% it registered last week. However, investors are using the common searching term Cryptocoin.com Coin to search the CRO coin.

Kindly note it and use the correct term CRO coin to search for the token online. Plus, also learn the Best Apps to Buy Cryptocurrency in 2021 to avoid the possible online scams. 

What do you have to share about the price hike of Crypto.com Coin? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section?

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