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Crypto You Milk to PHP {Dec 2021} How To Buy? Address

The blog will educate you about the current conversion ratio of Crypto You Milk to PHP and its everyday purposes.

Today we are educating about a new kind of cryptocurrency. The name of this digital currency is a little funny. But it is already famous and used by many crypto buyers. 

The name of this cryptocurrency is Crypto You Milk. But the digital currency has made its path in the cryptocurrency market. Many crypto experts are now researching this, and they make a note of it. 

Meanwhile, Crypto you Milk is very famous in South Asian countries like the Philippines

So investors over here want to know about Crypto You Milk to PHP.

The Crypto You Milk? 

It is famous for online gaming purposes, and the coin is found on “Binance Smart Chain (BSC)”. Gamers can do many things for cryptocurrency. The players can choose the game characters. Gamers can also do the mining with this gaming. 

The gamers also try to win the “Dark Monster” of the game. It is the planet of cryptocurrency, and gamers try to earn Crypto in their way. 

The players will face difficulties but need to avoid the hurdle to earn the Crypto You Milk. 

The Founders of Crypto You Milk to PHP

First of all, as per our research, we don’t find any founder(s) or name of this cryptocurrency. But as the conversion rate is concerned, the speed decreases day by day. Our market survey has been falling around 15.93 percent in the last 24 hours.  

It is a real-time conversion prediction. The rate of Milk Crypto is decreasing up to 70 percent in the last month. The reason for decreasing is dependent on the price of Milk. Due to this reason, the conversion rate to PHP is also coming down in the market. 

The Market and Crypto You Milk to PHP

Now we should check the market involvement of Milk crypto. 

  • USD Rate: $0.051937
  • Trade Focus : $3,089,190
  • Capitalization: No Information
  • Rank: Not mention
  • Price in 24 Hours: No data
  • Low & High Rate in One Day: $0.052044/ $0.075271
  • Fully diluted market Ratio: $12,530,615,818.01
  • 30 day low/30 day high: $0.7193 $4.68
  • Market Dominance: 0.00 %
  • High in rate: $0.075271
  • Low in rate: $0.052360
  • Return Rate: No Data
  • Supply circulation: Not specified
  • Supply in Max: No data
  • Best Supply: No information

Crypto You Milk to PHP: 2.53 PHP

The Reasons to Buy Milk Crypto

There are many reasons that you can buy a coin.

  1. It offers a gaming platform.
  2. You can play and earn the token. 
  3. You can find the cryptocurrency on the “Binance” platform. 
  4. It uses a very secure format. 

How Do You Buy Your Milk Crypto

You should follow the following steps, and you can buy this Crypto. 

  1. You need to download or install a wallet.
  2. You need to buy the Binance Smart Chain to start the purchase process. 
  3. Know the rate of Crypto You Milk to PHP
  4. Start the buying process. 


  1. May I know the Contract Address of You Milk Crypto? 
  1. Yes the contract address is 0xf0d4BafbF4621313b67f511Bd6E4bBe69441Feed.
  • Why is the You Milk Crypto News Trending? 
  1. For the last few days, the price of this digital currency has been declining. That is the reason the news is trending. 


Presently, many people are investing in the You Milk Cryptocurrency. It is getting lots of attention in the market. But as per the expert’s view, the traders need to check the market statistics and price rate of Crypto You Milk to PHP

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