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Crypto Royale Coin (Dec) Price, Prediction, How To Buy?

This topic below explains about Crypto Royale Coin to help them know about the new browser-based play-to-earn free-to-play emerging gaming platform.

Each day, over 1000 participants battle it out on the battleground to discover who will be the first to live and acquire the HRC 20 crypto token of the gameplay, ROY.

Staking rewards would be automatically earned if participants in Morocco, Turkey, and other world areas kept their ROY tokens in the in-game wallet.

Besides, you may go through the guide below to know more facts about Crypto Royale Coin.

What is the Royale crypto token?

Participants may compete for glory, fame, and a small profit in the new Crypto Royale platform, a browser-based, play-to-earn, free-to-play gameplay. 

The winner of the crypto token is the last one remaining. Therefore, there are no costs or installation processes available, and there will be no signups.

You may be in a game and win in thirty seconds. The game was created to be straightforward to learn but tough to conquer.

Who founded Roy crypto token?

You may look through Crypto Royale’s official platform to know about its creators.

Price chart of Crypto Royale Coin:

  • Allocated for Burn- 230 Million
  • Community Airdrop- 2 Million
  • Founder Reward- 5 Million
  • Marketing Fund- 5 Million
  • Dev Fund- 38 Million
  • All-time Low- USD
  • IDO Liquidity- 20 Million
  • Soft Cap- 170 Million
  • Circulating Supply- 40 Million 
  • Maximum Supply- 400 Million
  • Market Rank- # Not Available
  • Contract Address- 0xfe1b516a7297eb03229a8b5afad80703911e81cb

Price Prediction and Statics Royale crypto token:

ROY or Royale is a Harmony ONE-based HRC 20 crypto token that serves as the money of Crypto token Royale, browser-based free-to-play gameplay.

The token’s maximum supply is approximately 400 million ROY crypto coins, with an additional about 230 million Crypto Royale Coin set aside for burning later. 

The ROY crypto token can be stored in MetaMask or the gameplay’s wallet and is minted at around 79 percent APY in both circumstances.

Is the Royale crypto token a good investment?

Participants are placed on a battleground and should be the ‘final person to stand.’ For example, a person’s ‘character,’ symbolized by the moon, could be among the three colors, Blue, Pink, and Yellow.

Colors are convertible and should be employed to assure a person’s power across an enemy to outmanoeuvre, outwit, and outsmart opposing opponents and emerge victoriously.

Going out into the darkness is harmful to Crypto Royale Coin health; however, the collectibles you find there could supply the weaponry you ought to win. 

Timing and positioning are important aspects of a player’s performance and gameplay.

How to buy the Royale crypto token?

  • You need to install Metamask and set it up.
  • Add Roy crypto token to the installed Metamask.
  • You may start withdrawing.
  • You are all set to sell or buy Roy crypto tokens.

You can also get staking rewards on every ROY crypto token in the MetaMask wallet by connecting the MetaMask wallet to the gameplay’s web page through the “Stake” tab in Ranked, High or Low stakes.

Staking Crypto Royale Coin bonuses are deposited every day from midnight to 01:00 a.m. UTC into your in-game wallet. 

Before you start getting trading rewards, you should have at least 56 ROY crypto coins.

What are the FAQs?

Q- How many Roy crypto coins are allocated to burn?

  1. There are approximately 230 Million Roy crypto coins to burn.

Q- What is the contract address of Roy crypto coin?  

  • The contract address of Roy crypto coin is 0xfe1b516a7297eb03229a8b5afad80703911e81cb. It will help if you read more about Crypto Royale token. 


The ROY gameplay lets every player develop their sense of style, which frequently has become a distinguishing characteristic or hallmark.

A constant unseen factor increases pressure to the Crypto Royale Coin gaming, a closing circle, regardless of a person’s or enemy’s tactics. Also, users may read here about What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency.

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