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Crypto Planes NFT {Jan 2022} Token Price, Chart, How To Buy?

Want to access Crypto Planes NFT? Read the content and make yourself aware of the necessary details before purchasing this NFT.

Do you know about the recent NFT game launched to expand Crypto City? Are you curious to grab the NFT collection of beautiful planes for your gaming? If so, then we are here to present the highlights of the Crypto Planes and its NFT. 

The play-to-earn model and the evolution of Crypto Cars to Crypto planes are attracting players from all over the globe, including Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil. Moreover, the exciting game modes offered to the gamers is the reason that they are eager to access Crypto Planes NFT.

So, let’s explore the details about it!

What are Crypto Planes?

It is the place where the car racing game of crypto was introduced. But the expansion of the metaverse has brought new NFT planes, different gaming modes and many more exciting features. The plane offered as an NFT collection has four stat points, which are as follows – 

  • Speed
  • Air
  • Fuel
  • Power

If you are playing crypto planes, then your primary aim is to win the fight. In return, you will get Exp and in-game currency. The Crypto Planes NFT can be upgraded by gaining enough points. 

What are the benefits of upgrading crypto planes?

When your plane gets upgraded, the four different stats of the game are increased and modified. The engine up-gradation increases the speed, the plane’s body when upgraded helps to increase the durability. Moreover, the weapons get modified to increase the strength and power.

Founders of the Crypto Planes

The founders of the Crypto Planes are the same who founded crypto Cars. The CEO is Ly Tran. With his strategies and long-term vision, he has presented Crypto Planes NFT.

The CTO of the Crypto planes is AN Nguyen. He has played his duty well, ensuring the smooth working of the platform. Moreover, other core team members have collaborated with Crypto Cars and brought an amazing platform for the gamers.

NFT of Crypto Planes

A non-fungible token represents every plane available in the game. That means if you purchase the coin, you will become the owner of the plane. The platform has used the standard BEP-721 to make crypto. As a result, players can easily manage and modify the NFT collection in the Binance Smart Chain.

Crypto Planes NFT – Basic Info 

  • Items included – 850
  • The floor price of the NFT – 0.002
  • Volume traded – 0.43
  • Owners – 44
  • Blockchain included – Ethereum, Polygon and Klaytn.
  • The most expensive crypto plane – is crypto plane numbered 700 which was sold for $45.2
  • Crypto planes sold in last 30 days – 10

How to buy the NFT of Crypto Planes?

OpenSea is the active marketplace to access the latest NFT collection of planes. So, you can approach the platform and explore your crypto plane from more than eight hundred collections of beautiful planes. After selecting, Crypto Planes NFT, connect your wallet. The OpenSea supports many wallets for trading that are as follows – 

  • Metamask
  • Coinbase wallet
  • Fortmatic
  • Wallet Connect
  • Venly and many more.

Once your wallets get connected, you now have to add funds and check the trading price of your NFT. Put down the unique contract address and get your crypto plane. Before accessing this NFT collection, we recommend you check its social profile for more details of the NFT.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any alternative to Crypto Planes?

Yes, you can purchase NFT of artificial heroes or pixelated dreams 

  • What is the lowest price of this NFT?



Ending up the article, we shared all the details of Crypto Planes NFT with you. So, if you are interested in purchasing the Crypto Planes and enhancing your gaming experience, then do learn the details of the Best Trading Apps For Cryptocurrency Trading.

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