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Crypto ETF Asx Price {Nov} Price, Chart, How To Buy?

This CRYP ETF was launched in ASX, which broke all the trading records of ASX within the first three hours of launch. Read Crypto ETF ASX Price in detail.

One week ago, ASIC had approved the crypto asset linked Exchange Trade Fund (ETF). In addition, ASIC had issued guidelines for crypto assets related securities in Australia. First, the guidelines included a clause to compensate the investor for losses caused due to poor custodianship. Secondly, it directed for a formal disclosure of financial and environmental risks involved. 

On 4th November 2021, Crypto ETF ASX entered Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) for $11.23 / unit. Let’s read more about Crypto ETF Asx Price below.

What is Crypto ETF ASX?

Crypto ETF ASX is the first cryptocurrency native to Australia. The Crypto ETF ASX does not hold any cryptos for itself. It does not invest in BTC, ETH (or) altcoin, etc. Instead, it helps the investors to trade with several international companies who are dealing with cryptocurrency. For example, the Australian investors can now buy and sell shares in ETF; and do business with Silvergate, Coinbase, Microstrategy, and Riot. 

Within the first 15 minutes of its launch, there was a high demand and Crypto ETF Asx Price increase. Initially, Crypto ETF ASX trading volume was approximately $8 million. This amount was a record first day trading volume which could have been expected to be achieved by hyper growing companies. However, by 1:00 PM, the trading volume tripled and reached approximately $28 million. 

Crypto ETF ASX aims to track global companies’ gross (excludes expenses and fee) performance in the crypto market. The annual fee is said to be 0.67% plus additional costs. Below are related facts:

  • Distribution Frequency – Annually
  • Distribution Reinvestment Plan – Full (or) partial plans available
  • Fund Administrator and Custodian –Citigroup Pty Limited
  • Registry – Link Market Services
  • Auditor – KPMG
  • Founder of Crypto ETF Asx Price:

Alex Vynokur is the co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Betashares Holdings Pty Ltd. Betashares had announced on 14th October that it would launch crypto related ETFs in the market soon. Vynokur was also a co-Founder of Apex Capital Partners Pty Ltd in 2005. In addition, he is a board member, Chief Executive Officer, and co-Founder of BetaShares Capital Ltd. Betashares provides services related to investment management. It is a holding company that deals in commodities trading, equities, various currencies, and cash.

Crypto ETF Price Statistics:

  • Current Price – $11.28
  • Bid – $11.27
  • Offer – $11.29


  • 24h Crypto ETF Asx Price Change – 0.80%
  • 48h change – 0.98%
  • 72h change – 0.96% 
  • Current NAV/Unit – $11.18
  • NAV on 02-11-2021 – $11.12
  • NAV on 03-11-2021 – $10.87
  • NAV on 04-11-2021 – $11.28


  • Net Assets – $4,472,071 AUD
  • Units Outstanding # 400,000

Predictions of Crypto ETF ASX RoI After Fees:

  • 1 month – 28.06%
  • 3 months – 25.59%
  • 6 months – 3.93%
  • 1 year – 470.20%
  • Per annum since inception (06-Dec-19) – 208.74%

Trading Information:

  • ASX Code – CRYP
  • Bloomberg Code – CRYP AU
  • Bloomberg Index Ticker – XBCINTR

How to buy CRYP ETF:

You can purchase and deal out Crypto ETF Asx Price units from a stockbroker, online broker (or) financial adviser. CRYP ETFs are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange.  


1Q. Who is providing indexing for Crypto ETF?

Ans. Bitwise Crypto Innovators Index provides an indexing service.


BetaShares has notified that Crypto ETF ASX should be treated at high risk due to the highly volatile and the possibility of huge price swings in the Australian Stock Exchange. Therefore, high RoI is not expected initially. But, it would be the right time to buy Crypto ETF ASX if the price falls drastically.

Do you want to know more about Crypto ETF Asx Price? Please, let us know your views about Crypto ETF ASX.

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