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Crypto Card World Token (Sep) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Do you want to win rewards by playing online video games? Then please read the below post Crypto Card World Token.

Do you want to know about the video game coin that is based on Blockchain? Where you get a free vehicle, you can participate in the race and win rewards. We know this topic is an eye-catching guide to all car race lovers. If you are excited too, then keep reading the post.

Token CARS is the hot news in the Crypto industry Worldwide; please take note real Coin name is Crypto Cars World, but people are also searching it with the keyword Crypto Card World Token.

What is Crypto Cars World Coin?

CARS is an NFT Blockchain-based virtual video game motivated by Gran Turismo or Need For Speed; game users compete in the car races, and the fastest racer is the winner. So do you want to be a racer, mechanic, or both? The choice is yours.

All the new registers will get a free vehicle and a garage to experience the Crypto Cars World. Get the free car take part in the race, and win rewards. This vehicle will be bounded for 30 races. Once the time is over, players have to purchase a new car.

Who is the Founder of Crypto Card World Token?

On CARS’ official website, complete team members’ names are disclosed; we have mentioned a few names here. Alex A Secas, Lucas, Ataide, Maria, Sergi, Jordi, Víctor O, Carlos B, Javier B and many are team members of Crypto Cars World.

What is the Current Price of Crypto Cars World Token?

As per the source, the current price of CARS is $0.0000039650 with a 24-hour range of 43.83%. Now let us walk through the details of other crucial information which is in talk Worldwide.

Crypto Cars World Coin Supply / Market Supply

All the data here about Crypto Card World Token is taken from a well-known Crypto data analysis site:

  • Total Cap: $1.288 K 
  • Market Rank: No Data
  • Market Cap: $1,301,276,325
  • Holders: 56,479 addresses
  • Transfers: 346,426
  • Max supply: No Data
  • Circulating Supply: Not Available
  • Total Supply: 325.000 M
  • Volume: $22.384 M
  • 24h High/24 h Low: $0.000004/ $0.000003
  • 24-hour range: 43.83%
  • Liquidity: $0.0000
  • All-Time High: $0.000004
  • All Time Low: No Data

How to buy CARS tokens?

  • As per our research, no details of Crypto Cars World token purchase are obtained.
  • If any details are received, we will surely update them here.
  • As per the source Pancakeswap, BSC is the exchange platform to buy Crypto Card World Token.
  • Anyhow, every player owns a garage for free, having space for two cars, and users will also be offered the free essential car to set foot in the racing world.
  • RC- Race Coin is the in-game currency used to purchase items like toolboxes, tickets, fuel, cans, or pumps within the game. Earn in-game coin RC by racing or farming.
  • To buy Crypto Cars World Token, you can also exchange RC for CARS.

Now let us move to FAQ’s section.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the official website of Crypto Card World Token?
  2. The official website of is CARS is https://cryptocarsworld.com/.
  3. What is the Smart Contract Address for CARS?
  4. The smart contract address for CARS is 0x1228fb5ef4c98cabd696ba1bd4819e050389d21a. Visit here for more details on the token.

To Sum Up 

You can read more information about CARS Whitepaper on its official website. No coin will assure you profit for sure; there are always few drawbacks involved in crypto trading, digital scams are one of the major problems. Also, learn about common Crypto scams here and the steps to avoid them.

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