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Crypto Bomb NFT {Dec} Price, Chart, Contract Address

This article describes a newly trending cryptocurrency game that functions mainly on blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens. Read on Crypto Bomb NFT.

Are you looking for some interesting and exciting gaming projects based upon blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens? If so, you must be aware of the trending project entirely based on Crypto and its blockchain technology.

Gamers from the online gaming community around the Philippines, Venezuela, Thailand and Brazil are highly excited about this project as it provides great features for the gamers. This Crypto is one of the most discussed ones online. Read this article completely to understand all about Crypto Bomb NFT.

About this NFT

This NFT is based upon a play-to-earn game, Bomb Crypto, in which the player gets gaming rewards in BCOINs, and the player can purchase the BCOINs to purchase the in-game features that will help them to improve their gaming techniques and skills to dominate their game.

This feature enables the global online gamers to collect different valuable tokens from the game and fight against the monsters in the game to earn more points and rewards. The gamers can also purchase the gaming rewards and points using real currencies.

Crypto Bomb NFT

  • The name Bomb hero mentions the player of this game, and every player has different game stats that differentiate among other gamers.
  • This Bomb Crypto game is inspired by the popular game Bombsquad by Senspark Games, with more than one million installs.
  • There are three major gameplay stories, battle mode and hunting treasure. Each of these modes has different gaming features and specifications.

Market Capitalization

  • The current price of BCOIN is $ 3.38.
  • Contracts Address is 0x00e1656e45f18ec6747F5a8496Fd39B50b38396D
  • Trading Volume is $6,193,499.04
  • Data regarding market cap is not available
  • Market dominance data of Crypto Bomb NFT is also not available.
  • The market rank is 2785.
  • Fully diluted market capitalization is $339,153,582.78
  • 24h Low price is $2.98 
  • 24h High price is $4.03

Founders and Investors

  • Lam Ho is the founder, CEO and game director of Bomb Crypto.
  • The advisors include Eric Young, Thai Duong and Truong Do
  • Thuan Le is the tech consultant.
  • Hai Hoang is the lead developer.
  • Hung Nguyen is the lead game designer.
  • Nhung Vo is the lead marker.
  • The major partners and investors include Remitano, Launch Zone, Wildcat Ventures, Kardia Ventures, BAS ventures, CRVN Capital, jade Labs, VNDC ventures etc. Read more about Crypto Bomb NFT.

How to Collect a Bomber Hero?

  • There are three main ways to collect a bomber hero, which is considered the most important part of this NFT game.
  • Rescue hero is the first and major method used to collect the bomber hero.
  • The second method to collect the bomber hero includes buying from the shop. This purchase can be made using the BCOIN. No other payment method is accepted for this purchase.
  • The third method is to collect through an auction marketplace where the gamer can bid for a value and collect it.


Q1: How does treasure hunt mode work?

A1: In this mode, the Crypto Bomb NFT gamer needs to send a bomber hero to destroy blocks by planting suitable bombs to gain BCOIN. When the bomb is placed, the energy value gets reduced.

Q2: Is there any initial cost that needs to be paid by the user to join this game?

A2: Yes, the user needs to pay 10 BCOIN to join the game.


NFT gaming is gaining massive global recognition due to its efficiency and extraordinary features to its customers. To know more about this gaming NFT, kindly read the official whitepaper here. 

Have you tried playing any NFT based games similar to Crypto Bomb NFT? If yes, what all features of this newly introduced technology fascinate you? Kindly comment below your opinion. Know What Is The Future Of Cryptocurrency In 2021.

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