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Crypto Arv {Oct 2021} How to Buy? Contract Address

This article helps you learn about a travel and tourism coin called Crypto Arv and all its market details.

Do you want to invest in cryptocurrency? Are you searching for new investments in cryptocurrency? Have you heard about the cryptocurrency associated with tourism? Are you interested in the network of travellers with similar experiences? Then along this article to know about a tourism-associated cryptocurrency called Crypto Arv.

The cryptocurrency is called Ariva and is currently available in the United States. This is now listed in the B2C travel and tourism network. This cryptocurrency has presently seen a sudden rise in the market due to its growing popularity.

What is the Ariva cryptocurrency?

The Ariva cryptocurrency, or as it is known as ARV, is a different type of cryptocurrency. It has been started for the users to be used in global and local tourism and travel. This is still in the project stage but is based upon the B2C travel and tourism network. 

Crypto Arv is presumably the travel and tourism currency and a network-building platform where travel enthusiasts can meet and take advice from the service experts and previous fellow travellers who share their experiences in the forum.

This cryptocurrency aims to eliminate all forms of overpriced and expensive costs of travel and tourism, especially international over-stacked money transfers and accessible money transfer services in tourism and travel transactions. 

The tourism and travelling industry are estimated to be one of the highest financial industries in the globe. Another aim of this crypto is to eliminate the money exchange between the source and destination countries.

Crypto Arv – Founders detail:

The Ariva cryptocurrency is not new and has existed for a pretty long time. But recently, the Ariva or ARV cryptocurrency has been listed in one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms. Coming to the founders’ detail of the ARV crypto, this cryptocurrency belongs to the company of Ariva. It is functional only within the Ariva ecosystem.

The Ariva ecosystem is a network of travel and tourism. It includes the finance sector for the exchange and trading of the cryptocurrency with the real travelling currency.

Market Cap and Price Details:

The price of the Ariva crypto is $0.00097708, with a 24-hour trading volume of $33,004,442. The Crypto Arv has a 24- hour low of $0.00043597 and a 24-hour high of $0.00117842.                    

How to buy it?

The cryptocurrency has been listed in one of the leading crypto trading platforms. Therefore, to buy this crypto, follow the steps given:

  • Firstly, the trader needs to register on the Fiat-to-crypto exchange platform.
  • Secondly, like other secondary cryptocurrencies, major crypto has to be bought first. In our case, it is USDT crypto.
  • Next, head to any coin exchange site, transfer the USDT, deposit it to the gate.io platform, and exchange it for the Ariva crypto.

Details of Crypto Arv Market Cap:

  • The crypto has a market cap of $52,174,367
  • The market cap dominance is 0.00%
  • The volume/market cap is 0.625 with a trading volume of $33,004,442
  • The crypto has a circulating supply of 57 billion and a total supply of 100 billion.


Q1. Does this crypto have any official site?

A1. (https://ariva.digital/) is the official site.

Q2. What is the contract address of the crypto?

A2. (0x6679eb24f59dfe111864aec72b443d1da666b360) 

Q3.  Is the crypto present on any social media?

A3. The crypto is present in Twitter with the official handle (https://twitter.com/ArivaCoin)


Therefore, to conclude about the Crypto Arv, this had created a new uproar in the cryptocurrency market. However, this cryptocurrency is in the project stage and steadily rising, so it will be wise to invest a small amount first. Investing is risky, and therefore, you should also know the Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid Them.

You can learn more about the Ariva Coin.  

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