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Crypto Article “Write For Us” – 2023 Submitting Rules!

This article aims to inform the writer about the Crypto Article “Write For Us” and also describe to them the real benefits of this segment.

Have you ever written about cryptocurrency? Do you want news writing experience on cryptocurrency? If your answer is yes, this is the best option for you. Our news portal offers content creators an excellent opportunity to write news and review articles on the subject.

We need large numbers of authors who can provide content on cryptocurrency daily. For this reason, you need to check out our segment Crypto Article “Write For Us“. 

Know about the portal Rationalinsurgent.com 

The name of our portal is Rationalinsurgent. Our company is a content servicing company. We offer news and review articles and educate the readers on the daily update. Our expertise is Bitcoin, Blockchain, Technology, Travel, Business and many more subjects. We also deal with the news article on cryptocurrency. 

Our portal publishes various news on the multiple cryptocurrencies and their protocols. Our primary target is to inform the investors, buyers and experts of this domain with an excellent informative article that allows them to study cryptocurrency.

Know more

The website publishes the latest and updated content and guest posts on different topics and subjects, including education, technology, law, healthcare, shopping, gaming, news articles, business, product reviews, website reviews and home décor.

Crypto Article Write for Us: Know The Required Basic Protocols

  1. Writing cryptocurrency blogs needs proper research and analysis. We want the applicants to have some basic knowledge about cryptocurrency.
  2. Our company doesn’t allow spinning content. The content writers should write the original content.
  3. The grammar score should be maintained well mannered. The screenshot of the grammar score, 99 plus, should be attached to the copy.
  4. Our company maintains a “Zero Plagiarism” policy. Please attach the screenshot of the plagiarism report of the premium tool.
  5. For Write For Us Crypto Article Guest Post, the authors need to use internal links and external links in a proper way. 
  6. The spam score should not cross the 3 per cent mark.
  7. The external link should be in “Green colour” and “Bold”. It should use after the completion of 80 per cent of writings.
  8. The keyword placement intensity should remain with 0.75 to 1% gapping.
  9. The content contributors write the article in polite and unbiased ways. They don’t use any wrong information in the report.

The Benefits of Write For Us + Crypto Article

  1. The writers can use our platform and increase their content career without any cost.
  2. The content will receive a high SERP rank for our vast reader traffic.
  3. The content writers learn many technical matters from our company.
  4. Daily, 10,000 readers can read and view your content.

Blogs Suggestion

  1. The Economic Impact of Crypto Currency.
  2. How does Technology Govern the Crypto Currency?
  3. Trade Aspects in Crypto Currency.

How to Contact Us: 

Just write the blog on the cryptocurrency and send us to our official email id: braydenwilson763@gmail.com. Our concerned editors review the blogs and confirm with you within one business day. 


Write For Us + “Crypto Article” is an excellent opportunity for content creators. It gives them ample space and vast opportunities to grow as content writers. Without wasting your time, start writing for us immediately. 

Please note that Rationalinsurgent will enjoy editing and copyright ownership. The writers should respect these rules. Also, check the link for more updates.

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