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Crno Crypto Price {May} Contract Address, Price & Chart

This article shares information about Crno Crypto Price and all the associated information about the platform for trading.  

Are you searching for investment options that can help you be secure in future? Earlier, there were investing options like Fixed Deposits, Stare market, Mutual Funds, etc. But now, there is an increasing demand for investment in cryptocurrencies. 

So, suppose you are also searching for the option of cryptocurrency investment. In that case, we will discuss CRNO cryptocurrency, which is in huge demand in the United States and explore more about this coin. So, let’s begin our discussion about the CRNO coin and Crno Crypto Price

Know about the Coin: 

The Chronoly or CRNO coin is one platform that allows users to buy and sell rare and old watches of some prestigious brands such as Richard Mille, Rolex, Audemars, Phillippe, and other brands. Chronoly is based on blockchain technology which first verifies the authenticity of the watches which are pre-owned by someone and stores it in their decentralised ledger. 

Users will be allowed to trade with NFTs or even buy new watches with this platform. Hence, this platform is helpful for those who want easy and effective trading and people in the United States are enjoying this trading. 

Who are the founders of the CRNO coin which determines the Crno Crypto Price

There are usually many names associated with the founders of the coin. Still, unfortunately, there is no information about the founder of Chronoly crypto, and we do not have exact knowledge about who was the principal founder of this coin. 

The information about CRNO crypto is that it is the best mode to trade in NFTs and other real commodities with this platform. It has used the Ethereum blockchain, and presently it is at its presale stage. It is easy for the users to trade in NFTs with the help of CRNO because it authenticates the commodity and stores it in its ledger. 

What is the Crno Crypto Price and its market value? 

  • Price of CRNO: $0.1934 
  • Market Cap of the coin: $ 4.86 B. 
  • 24 hours Volume: $34.55 M
  • The Circulating Supply Ratio: 25.26 B CRO
  • Diluted Market Cap: Not available
  • The volume of the Coin: Not available
  • Maximum Supply Ratio: 30 B CRO
  • Whole Supply Ratio: Not available
  • Lowest Price Rate (24 hours): Not available
  • Highest Price Rate (24 hours) Not available. 

As the coin was launched recently in March 2022, not much information is available. This price would change according to market situations. 

Why invest in CRNO cryptocurrency? 

Crno Crypto Price proves that the value of the coin is presently low, and therefore you can invest in it and wait for the returns. 

  • It offers a platform to trade in NFTs. 
  • There would be trading of physical assets through this coin. 
  • The Ethereum based blockchains secure it. 
  • There is an easy and fast transaction with the help of this coin, and therefore it is easy for people to trade in it. 

How to buy CRNO cryptocurrency? 

You must be able to know the official website of the crypto, and there is a presale offering for the users along with Crno Crypto Price. After visiting the website, click on the Buy coin option and move ahead with the purchase of the coin.


  1. What is the contract address of CRNO crypto? 

The contract address is 0xa0b73e1ff0b80914ab6fe0444e65848c4c34450b. 

  1. Why is the CRNO coin in the news?

It is in the news because of its creative and unique feature of trading, and therefore many people are investing their money into it, which also claims that it would overtake other coins. 


CRNO coin is an innovative version of trading in NFTs and real commodities. Therefore, people are excited about this coin, and the Crno Crypto Price is also easy for the users to invest.

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