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Crawford Esther Twitter: Who Is Crawford Esther? Also Explore Her Instagram Account Details, LinkedIn And Net Worth

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Do you know about the latest layoffs from Twitter? Have you heard about Crawford Esther? Crawford Esther has been terminated from her job on Twitter. The news has spread all over the countries like the United States. Citizens of various countries are looking for the reason behind her termination. In this article, you will get the details about Twitter ex-employee Crawford Esther.

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Who is Crawford Esther on Twitter?

Crawford Esther was the product manager of Twitter who has been terminated from her role. Crawford has contributed to various projects on Twitter like the blue tick with a subscription of verification, the upcoming payment platform. As per sources, Twitter has fired the product manager and the news is now in limelight.

Twitter has laid off more than fifty employees from different departments. The layoffs by Twitter and other big companies have developed tension all over the world. Numerous rounds of a layoff have occurred on Twitter. Crawford Esther is one of the employees who is fired recently.

Crawford Esther Instagram

Crawford Esther is an ex-employee of Twitter. Crawford used to work as a product manager on Twitter. Crawford is available on Instagram and usually update people through her Instagram post. In her Instagram bio, Crawford mentioned that she was previously co-founder/CEO squad. 

Crawford has also mentioned her husband in her Instagram. Crawford’s husband is Robert Cowherd. Crawford is more active on her Twitter account. You can find her by searching Crawford Esther Twitter.

Who is Crawford Esther?

Crawford Esther was the ex-worker on Twitter. Twitter has to lay off several workers from work. Recently, the product manager of Twitter is fired. Crawford Esther came to the news after she got fired from her role. Crawford is married to Robert Cowherd. She is the mother of three children.

Crawford is also famous as an entrepreneur of American technology as she was also the CEO and co-founder of Squad. She has completed her education at Oregon State University and Durham University. We found limited details about Crawford Esther. Moreover, details about Net Worth are not available.

Is Crawford Esther active on social media? 

Crawford is active on her Twitter account after being fired from her role. She is tweeting on her Twitter and giving updates about herself. It is reported that the CEO of Twitter Elon Musk was firing more employees and informing the employees through the mail. The company now has less than 2000 employees due to the recent cut. 

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Crawford Esther Twitter: Frequently asked questions

Q1. Who is Crawford Esther?

Ans. Crawford Esther is an ex-employee of Twitter. Crawford got laid off by Twitter recently. She was the product manager of Twitter.

Q2. Who was Esther got terminated?

Ans. As per the sources, Easter got terminated due to the firing process. The CEO of Twitter is terminate employees in around four rounds. Twitter has terminated more than 50 employees.

Q3. Is Esther Crawford married?

Ans. Yes, Esther Crawford is a married woman. She also has three children.

Q4. Is Esther Crawford available on LinkedIn?

Ans. Esther Crawford’s profile is available on LinkedIn. She has more than 500 connections on linkdln and 4720 followers.

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