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Crace Token (Nov 2021) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

This article below explains the complete details of Crace Token, a unique platform that helps you earn while playing and racing with distinguished cars.

Coinracer is built on WebGL, with a backend that uses the web3.js API to receive and send transactions from smart contracts. You will have control of your racing car for the first time in crypto history due to the OpenGL game development of Coinracer.

If you are searching for crypto investment options from Venezuela, Argentina, or other world areas, you may look at the guide below. This guide will help you learn additional details of Crace Token, its profitability, current price, and much more.

What is the Crace crypto token?

Coinracer or Crace is a multi-player blockchain-powered racing game with a low-poly design. The reward pool allocation among race winners is controlled by the Coinracer Smart Pool or CSP mechanism.

Pre-calculated or probability formulas have no bearing on the winner. However, the winners of this eSport-inspired gameplay are judged by ability, perseverance, and experience. 

Developing an environment that is both engaging and competitive for professional and rookie gamers. You may continue reading to learn more about the Crace crypto token.

Who founded Crace Token?

Currently, no information is available about the creators of the Crace crypto token.

Price chart of Crace crypto token:

  • Price- 0.36 USD
  • Token Type- BEP 20
  • 24 Hours low- 0.04972 USD 
  • 24 Hours High- 0.4089 USD
  • 24 Hours Volume- Not Available
  • All-time High- 0.4089 USD
  • All-time Low- 0.03459 USD
  • Market Cap- Not Available
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap- 30 809 747 USD
  • Circulating Supply- Not Available
  • Maximum Supply- 100 000 000
  • Total Supply- 100 000 000
  • Market Rank- #7546
  • Contract Address- 0xfbb4f2f342c6daab63ab85b0226716c4d1e26f36

Crace to USD conversion rate:

  • 1 Crace = 0.36 USD
  • 2 Crace coins = 0.72 USD
  • 3 Crace Token = 1.08 USD
  • 4 Crace coins = 1.44 USD
  • 5 Crace coins  = 1.80 USD
  • 10 Crace coins = 3.86 USD
  • 20 Crace coins = 7.72 USD
  • 50 Crace coins  = 19.30 USD
  • 100 Crace coins = 38.60 USD

Price Prediction and Statics of Crace crypto token:

The current price of Crace or Coinracer crypto token is about 0.36 USD and ranks 7546 on the crypto market.

Its 24 hours trading volume is not traceable and is up by about 571.27 percent during the past 24 hours. 

Besides, the maximum and total supply of Coinracer or Crace Token are about 100 000 000 CRACE with the non-availability of circulating supply.

Is the Crace crypto token a good investment?

You can utilize Crace or Coinracer crypto token for the in-game economy. Before the race begins, players can contribute a set quantity of crypto tokens to a reward pool.

It is a BEP 20 type crypto token and is operational over BSC or Binance Smart Chain. However, you must explore Crace and its platform before minting. 

Where to buy the Crace crypto token?

If you want to sell, buy, or invest in a Crace crypto-token, Pancake Swap (V2) is currently among the most active crypto exchanges.

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the all-time high of Crace Token?

  1. The all-time high of Crace crypto token is about 0.4089 USD.

Q- What is the all-time low of Crace crypto token? 

  • The all-time low of Crace crypto token is around 0.03459 USD. If you are interested in this cryptocurrency, you may click here to get the complete details of the Crace crypto token


Crace or Coinracer is a unique platform that helps users to mint their distinguished NFT cars and race with them.

It is a unique part of the 1.0 NFT cars selection where you can play for Crace Token with Single-player FTP (Bolt), mint Whitelist Exclusive (Coinracer GT), Nightcrawler (Whitelist Exclusive), and Rarest 1.0 Car, the Malibu Express.  Furthermore, you may check facts about What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency.

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