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Cpan to PHP (Nov 2021) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

This topic below is about Cpan to PHP to help readers know about its current conversion rate, information about Cpan token, and CryptoPlanes project.

The CryptoCity or Cpan Metaverse is a virtual world that integrates individuals and projects to the actual world. Players in the Crypto City ecosystem can own workshops, advanced fighter jets, and valued supercars for astronomical profits.

Crypto City will have several developments, modes, and features in the future, in addition to Crypto Planes and Crypto Cars. Today, this article will discuss the Philippines-based Cpan token, Cpan to PHP conversions rate, and CryptoPlanes project. So, let’s continue reading to learn more about CPAN. 

What is the Cpan token?

CryptoPlanes is a metaverse that exists alongside CryptoCity. It is the foundation of the popular NFT racing game CryptoCars. CryptoPlanes introduces fresh perspectives, wonderful NFT Planes, and interesting game modes with this expansion.

Who founded the Cpan token?

  • CEO- LY Traan
  • Desogner- Mai Dand, and many more.

Price chart of Cpan token:

  • Price- ₱ 145.32
  • 24 Hours low- ₱ 134.44
  • 24 Hours High- ₱ 159.33
  • 24 Hours Volume- ₱ 260 640 913. Also read about Cpan to PHP.
  • Volume/ Market Cap- 0.1139 
  • All-time High- $ 14.64
  • All-time Low- $ 11.96
  • Market Cap- ₱ 2 267 131 136
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap- ₱ 14 532 981 896
  • Circulating Supply- 15 600 000.00 CPAN crypto tokens
  • Maximum Supply- 100 000 000
  • Total Supply- 100 000 000
  • Market Rank- #658
  • Contract Address- 0x04260673729c5f2b9894a467736f3d85f8d34fc8

Price Prediction and Statics of Cpan token:

As per the online analysis and data available over the internet, the price predicted for Cpan crypto token for the next SEVEN years is as follows:

  • The price of the Cpan token would reach about 5.2 USD by 2022. Continue reading to know more about Cpan to PHP.
  • The price of the Cpan token would reach about 6.29 USD by 2023.
  • The price of the Cpan token would reach about 7.19 USD by 2024.
  • The price of the Cpan token would reach about 9.39 USD by 2025.
  • The price of the Cpan token would reach about 10.39 USD by 2026.
  • The price of the Cpan token will reach about 12.15 USD by 2027.
  • The price of the Cpan token would reach about 13.07 USD by 2028.

However, you must explore the Cpan and CryptoPlanes project to know if it has a profitable potential or not before investing in it.

CPAN to PHP conversion rate:

  • 1 CPAN = 145.32 PHP
  • 2 CPAN = 294.27 PHP
  • 3 CPAN = 440.98 PHP
  • 4 CPAN = 587.97 PHP
  • 5 CPAN = 734.96 PHP
  • 10 CPAN = 1469.92 PHP
  • 20 CPAN = 2946.04 PHP
  • 50 CPAN = 7365.11 PHP
  • 100 CPAN = 14730.22 PHP

Is the Cpan crypto token a good investment?

The conversion rate of Cpan to peso currently is ₱ 145.32 and has gone up by approximately 6.78 during the past twenty-four hours.

The price of the Cpan crypto token is increasing as Cpan is increased by about 335.18% in the past thirty days.

How to purchase a Cpan crypto token?

  • Pancakeswap can be connected to any reputable wallet. , check about Cpan to PHP to know if it’s a good investment option.
  • To perform exchanges, incorporate WBNB coin into your digital wallet.
  • Place the contract’s address here.
  • Look for the recent cost and market information.
  • Choose WBNB/ CPAN as the trading pair.
  • To buy the coin, establish the slippage and swap Cpan.

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the all-time high of the Cpan token?

  1. The all-time high of the Cpan token is approximately 14.64 USD.

Q- What is the all-time low of the Cpan token? 

  • The all-time low of the Cpan token is about 11.96 USD. Besides that,  read here to know the complete information about the Cpan token


CryptoPlanes or Cpan to PHP has a worldwide trading volume of about ₱ 260 640 913 during the past twenty-four hours. You can trade Cpan crypto coin in one crypto market and is actively traded over Pancake Swap (V2).

Besides this, you must learn more facts about What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency.

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