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Coxdatix {Dec 2021} Price, Chart, Supply, How To Buy?

This article describes a crypto token associated with a cryptocurrency trading platform that conducts high-volume trading activities. Read on Coxdatix.

Are you looking to trade or invest in a token-based on a popular cryptocurrency exchange? If yes, please continue reading this article that explores all the relevant information related to this particular token to enrich your knowledge on this exchange-based token.

Crypto investors and traders Worldwide are interested in investing and trading on tokens developed by various cryptocurrency exchanges with huge daily transactions of various crypto assets at a global level. Read this article till the end to know more about Coxdatix.

About CoExistCoin (COXST)

CoExistCoin (COXST) is a token associated with Coingi, a crypto trading platform involved in trading Bitcoin and other Altcoins with high volume. Exchanges and their tokens are popular as the value of such tokens rises with the number of exchange users.

The exchange token helps to provide the investors with a more trustable interface. The investors and traders also help increase the token’s value by participating in various trading and staking activities. As the revenue and profitability of the exchange surges, the underlying token also gets its benefits. 


  • CoExistCoin is currently trading at -0.68% from yesterday’s market price.
  • There is a reduction of $-0.000007938 from yesterday’s market price.
  • The Coingi exchange is designed to withstand high loads; this feature will help conduct huge volume transactions without any glitches.
  • Another peculiarity of the exchange is it is fully autonomous.
  • Another exchange feature that excites the users is its independence from states.
  • The exchange uses advanced blockchain technology to provide its customers a seamless service. 
  • The servers are completely decentralized, making them more secure and transparent.

Market Capitalization

  • Current price of Coxdatix: $0.001163
  • Price Change(24h): $-0.000007938
  • Price Change in Percentage(24h): -0.68%
  • 24 High: No Data
  • 24 Low: No Data
  • Trading Volume(24h): $0.02526
  • Volume / Market Cap: No Data
  • Market Rank: No Data
  • Market Dominance: No Data
  • ATH: N/A
  • ATL: N/A
  • Circulating Supply: 27,100,000 COXST
  • Max Supply: No Data
  • Total Supply: 27,100,000 COXST

Founders and Team

The official website of CoExistCoin doesn’t provide any information associated with the founders, investors and team members. 

Where to Buy COXST?

  • Visit YoBit Platform.
  • Connect your wallet with the YoBit platform. New users, please open a free account using MetaMask or Trustwallet. Read more on Coxdatix.
  • The trading pair available are COXST/WAVES and COXST/RUR.
  • Load your wallet with enough WAVES or RUR.
  • Swap the available WAVES/RUR with COXST.
  • Finally, the equivalent COXST will be credited to your wallet. The number of allocated COXST tokens varies according to the market price. Consider a low volatile market period to avoid huge price slippage.


Q1: Where can one find the technical and fundamental information related to the COXST token?

A1: All the relevant technical and fundamental information is available on the CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko platforms. In addition, these platforms also provide charting data of Coxdatix and links to the official websites, whitepaper and other major social media platforms associated with the project. 

Q2: What is the trading fee for buying and selling Bitcoin at the Coingi exchange?

A2: According to the current market price, the fee charged by the Coingi exchange for buying one Bitcoin is 97.5041 USD. To sell one Bitcoin, the seller needs to pay a fee of 96.2741 USD.


Crypto exchanges with a larger user base tend to have their tokens to support various exchange-related activities such as staking and mining to provide more value. To know more about this topic, please visit.

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