Covalent Coin {June 2021} Price, Details, How To Buy

Covalent Coin {June 2021} Price, Details, How To Buy?

Covalent Coin {June 2021} Price, Details, How To Buy? >> This article provides you detail on a crypto coin launched, especially for large-scale companies dealing in exchanging data with a vast rate.

A covalent Coin is a tool attached to the blockchain, which can process data and accumulate complete information. It was launched especially for large-scale companies mainly dealing in collecting, aggregating, and transferring information between various blockchains.

Covalent supports various blockchains Worldwide like BSC, Polygon, Ethereum and others, its total fund of $5.1 million is financed by various units like Binance Labs, Hypersphere Ventures, Hashed etc. It provides data in a detailed form and offers multichain flexibility to speed up the developer’s work. Let’s go deep into Covalent Coin.

What is Covalent Currency?

Covalent Coin is the native, decentralized token offered by the Covalent network. It offers data transparency among the supportive blockchains and visualizes billions of them together through the unified sponsored API.

Covalent claims that it is the only API that exposes all data points in the complete network chain. It uses big data to ease the access of investors and developers. Their key motive is: –

  • Governance – Holders voting on issues and support changes 
  • Validation and Stacking – Covalent collection used for staking

Covalent uses the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus technique for providing safety measures which also provide other benefits like efficient energy and risk-reduced centralization.

Who Backs Covalent Coin?

The covalent company was registered on 1 March 2018 by Levi Aul and Ganesh Swami.

  • Ganesh Swami – CEO of Covalent, having experience of 10 years in big data.
  • Levi Aul – CTO of Covalent, joined this group in 2017.

Coin Price and Market Supply

The current live price of Covalent Coin and its market supply details are listed below: –

  • Live price – $0.789793
  • Total Supply – 1,000,000,000 CQT coins
  • Circulating Supply – 113,969,752 CQT coins
  • Price Change Visualize in last 24 hours – no change.

Covalent Coin Market Cap and Holders Details

The complete market statistics of Covalent currency is as follows

  • Market Cap – $83,144,014
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – $729,527,026
  • 24- hours Trading Volume – $16,453,623
  • Market rank – # 295
  • Total Holders Address – 755
  • Active Holders Seen in last 24 hours – No data found.

Where to Get Covalent Query Token?

Covalent query token can purchase with a Coin list. Coin list is a known currency platform for ICO’s with a high rating. Its first-round sale happened on April 29, 2021. From month May 2021, Covalent Coin is not found for trading on any of the exchanges.

How to Get Covalent Query Token?

Covalent query token can purchase through Coin list with some simple steps listed below: –

  • Register yourself on the Coin list
  • Verify KYC information like passport details and others.
  • After verifying successfully, check for the options available there for purchasing Coin.
  • Choose any or all of the options and register for it.
  • Be ready with at least $100 USDC in your account wallet
  • Once the sale starts, you can buy Covalent Coin with this amount.


Q1. What is the Official Site of the Coin?

A1. is the official website of the Coin.

Q2. What is the live price of CQT?

A2. Live Price – $0.789793

Q3. What is the Market Cap Ranking of this Coin?

A3. The market cap ranking of the Coin is #295.


Covalent query token is the native, decentralized token presented by the Covalent group in March 2018. It was launched to sponsor a unified API through which approximately a billion data points of blockchain are handled together to expose data through the network chain. Covalent Coin can purchase via Coin list exchange. Check details of CQT here

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