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Country Code 63 USPS Scam: What Is The Fact Behind Missed Call & Fraud?

Probe into Country Code 63 USPS Scam and understand What it IsCheck to report the +63 code Missed Call and message.  

Are you curious about those strange texts claiming to be from USPS? People in the United States are being victims of these fraudulent activities. So, it is necessary to be alert and cautious. The recent +63 code messages and calls are received by many. However, do you know any details on this scam?

Our research shares essential details on the Country Code 63 USPS Scam. Get all the information and the ways to report for your safety in the below section.

About Country Code 63 USPS Scam

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has warned about a scam involving fake text messages claiming to be from USPS. The fraudulent message indicates that a package cannot be delivered due to incomplete address information and urges recipients to confirm their address within 12 hours through a suspicious link. 

USPS emphasizes that they do not send links via text messages and do not present urgent “do this or else” situations. The public is urged to be cautious during the busy holiday season and report any suspicious messages.

What Is Country Code 63?

The country code +63 is like a unique area code for phones in the Philippines. The number tells you a call or message is from there. Lately, some folks are getting strange messages and calls with this code, making them curious. 

This +63 code is part of the big plan for calling people far away. Remember, if you spot a number starting with +63, it’s coming from the Philippines. So, stay alert and be cautious about 63 Country Code Missed Call and messages.

Understanding the +63 Missed call Scam

The +63 missed call Scam, prevalent in the Philippines with country code 63, involves scammers hiring international premium rate numbers (IPRN) to initiate one-ring calls. After a single ring, the scammers disconnect, prompting victims to call back, believing they missed an important call. 

This scam captures the victim’s mobile number, enabling two-way communication without charges.

Official USPS Statement on Text Message Scam

USPS clarifies that it does not send customers text messages, emails, or 63 Country Code Missed Call unless specifically requested, typically with a tracking number. Legitimate messages from USPS are informational and not forced. 

The public is reminded that USPS will not contact individuals about unclaimed packages or request urgent actions through text messages or calls.

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How to report the +63 code scam?

If you are the one who received a message or a call from the +63 country code, then you must report it immediately. Firstly, learn about What Is Country Code 63And now, follow the below-mentioned ways to report.

  • Forward suspicious USPS texts to 7726.
  • Email with message details, a screenshot of the sender’s number, and any negative impacts.
  • Tell someone you trust when you get a strange message and team up to stop scammers.


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In wrapping up, the +63 Country Code Scam linked to USPS is a big worry. This scam uses fake texts to trick people into quickly clicking on suspicious links.

USPS emphasizes they do not use such tactics and encourages vigilance during the holiday season. To combat the +63 code scam, recipients are advised to report incidents promptly.

Are you one of those recipient of Country Code 63 USPS Scam messages or callWe are awaiting your input in the comments.

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