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Cormac Roth Cancer: What Was His Cause Of Death? Check Wiki & Grab Info For Parents & Family Status!

The article discusses the recent sad news about Cormac Roth Cancer and his death incident at the current time. Read the article to know more.

Do you know Cormac Roth? The musician died of cancer. Many news media have reported the news worldwide. After this incident, many people paid their condolences to the musician. 

At the time of death, he was 25 years of age. Cormac Roth was the son of Tim Roth. We will discuss the essential matters of Cormac Roth CancerWe also need to discuss the aftermath of this death. 


What is the reason for death? 

It is reported that Cormac died of cancer. Cormac is the youngest son of famous actor Tim Roth. As per his family’s announcement, they said the death reason was cancer. The 25 years old talented musician has been fighting cancer for many months. 

The sad news came on 16 October 2022. After his death, many people posted their condolences on social media. 

Funeral and Obituary Details: cause of death


Funeral and Obituary Details cause of death

We don’t get any direct view from his father, Tim Roth for any funeral and obituary details. But asper the reports, the funeral is yet to be held and as soon as family will update the details, we will update to make our readers aware at the earliest. After his death, many people on the internet are searching the obituary. We don’t get any typical obituary on Cormac, but we have much information on him as he was a famous person. Even you can get many data about Cormac on the internet quickly. 

The Social Media Influence of Cormac Roth Cancer

After the news was spread, many people posted their heart-touching tribute about Cormac. We also try to check Cormac’s social media accounts and understand his popularity. As we check his “Instagram” account, we find more than four thousand followers on Instagram. 

He posted many images and videos on social media with a guitar. You can check the pictures as well. Besides this, Cormac was also active on “Twitter”. He often posted many music videos on this platform. For more information, you can also check the Instagram account as the ready reference. 

Family Details

While discussing Cormac Roth Cancerwe must also check about his family. Cormac was from a very reputed family. His father is a famous actor in Hollywood. 

Tim Roth is famous for his contributions to films like ‘Pulp Fiction”, “Reservoir Dogs”, and the “Incredible Hulk.” Cormac’s mother’s name is Nikki Roth. Cormac had a sibling Hunter Roth. But we need to get information about Cormac’s love affairs or relationship. 

We have tried to find out this information, but we need something to share on it right now. But in future, we will positively find the news and update you on this. 

Cormac Wiki 

  • Real/Full Name- Michael Cormac Roth 
  • Nickname- Unknown 
  • Profession- Musician 
  • Date of Birth- 6 January. 
  • Zodiac Sign- No data. 
  • Age- 25 years 10 months
  • Birth Place- Dulwich 
  • Nationality- English 
  • Marital Status- Unmarried 
  • Wife Name- No data
  • Partner Name- No information available 

Other Facts about Cormac 

As per nationality, Cormac is an English musician. But we don’t get about this ethnicity, and his religion was not confirmed anywhere. 

The Family Circumstances

Cormac belongs to the family of culture and art. Cormac’s father is a famous star Tim Roth who is associated with many big movies. Cormac’s mother, Nikki Butler, later Roth, is a nice woman. They are Cormac’s parents.  

Educational Qualification of Cormac

Cormac graduated from Bennington College. But he chose the music profession. Cormac played the guitar and was a professional composer and music producer. 

We don’t know about his net worth, but his father, Tim’s net worth is nearly 8 million USD. Cormac spent a wonderful childhood day with his family and travelled much with his father, Tim, in childhood. 

At the End 

Tim Roth and his family announced the official death news on 31 October 2022 (Monday). It is a sorrowful time for Tim and his wife, Nikki. You can check the Twitter” account of Cormac for more details.

Cormac Roth Cancer– FAQs 

 Q1. What was the reason behind Cormac’s demise? 

He died of Cancer. 

 Q2. What was his age? 

Cormac was just 25 years old. 

 Q3. What is his Father’s name? 

His father’s name is Tim Roth.

 Q4. Does he have any siblings? 

Yes, Cormac’s brother’s name is Hunter.

 Q5. What was Cormac’s profession?

He was a music composer, producer and guitarist. 

 Q6. Was Cormac Active on Social Media? 

Cormac was very active on social media platforms. 

 Q7. What is his Mother’s name? 

Her name is Nikki Roth.

 Q8. Was Cormac a Jewish Identity? 

As soon as we get any confirmation we will update it for our readers at the earliest.  

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