Ensuring the Safety and Quality of Cord Blood Banking in Dubai

Ensuring the Safety and Quality of Cord Blood Banking in Dubai


Immediately after the birth of a child, we get only one chance to deal with our responsive nature as parents. Saving the stem cells from the umbilical cord blood is also a life-saving approach and investment in Dubai. But how will you save the cord blood of and for your newborn baby?

Well, this you may leave to Dubai’s responsible and cutting-edge cord blood banks. They ensure flexibility and quality service with a quick responsive approach to save your baby’s cord blood. 

How? Well, this is not your headache as well. They will take care of everything safely by collecting the cord blood from the channel of a placenta and umbilical cord of a baby and mother. 

However, considering the facts and facets related to cord blood banking is your responsibility as a parent. Going for the right thing is only possible when you know about it. Here we will provide you with some information regarding the quality and safety approaches that cord blood banks easily take to secure your baby’s future, or you can say the whole family.

How Cord Blood Banks Ensure Safety And Quality Service

Cord blood banks are not new in the market, but the advanced process is unknown to many. In fact, most people do not know that cord blood can treat almost 80 critical human diseases. This unawareness leads to distrust of these service providers, which is not a good fact.

Cord blood banks are efficient enough to save cord blood for almost 15 years or more. So, your family is going to get 15 years of life coverage if you see it as an investment opportunity.

Secured Transit

The cord blood banks provide 24*7 transit. 

How are they safe?

Well, they only use local transit with local drivers who know the busy road better than others. So no matter where you are in Dubai, they will reach you in no time to collect the cord blood. 

Apart from that, they are going to safely transport the cord blood of your baby from the hospital to the laboratory like they are carrying a diamond.

Cell Viability Assurance

The viability of stem cells is crucial to work. This depends on time only. The cord blood banks consider a maximum of 48 hours to reach the laboratory and store cord blood which in turn keeps the cells viable with a guarantee and quality ensured.

Optimal Travel Conditions

This part is also related to the viability of the cell. Exposure to unusually high or low temperatures may lead to loss of viability to the cord blood.

So, the cord blood banks are using optimal processes to ensure the quality of transportation. They generally use high-quality reserves to ensure the safe journey of cord blood.

No Hidden Fees

When you are considering a viable service, you don’t want to get robbed. People are not aware of this process much, and they fear hidden fees a lot apart from the storing process. 

Well, don’t worry! If you go for a suitable and trustworthy cord blood bank, they will not charge you any extra penny. 

Better Inventory

Though you know that cord blood banks have the only headache of saving your baby, there is a clear difference in the intentions of various cord blood banks. There are two types of cord blood banks available and developing in Dubai

  • Private cord blood banks.
  • Public cord blood banks.

The number of public cord blood banks is very low, and their intentions are different. Their main motto is to keep cord blood safe for the future to save lives, but that does not necessarily affect your child or family member.

It saves cord blood to save lives in emergency situations. So, their motto might be ethical but may not be matching with your concerns. This is where private cord blood banks come on stage to work as a health investment for you. 

They guarantee you save the cord blood only for your family until you need it, and in turn, you will be paying them. All these cord blood banks ensure a safe and large inventory with better capacity and advanced storage processes. 

Bedside Pick Up

When your wife is giving birth to a baby, for sure, there is no condition of reaching the blood bank to store the cord blood. In turn, they will come to you to collect the cord blood. 

These service providers ensure bedside pick-ups so that your family does not need to face any difficulty.

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