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Cooper Planet Token {Oct} Coin Price, Chart, How To Buy?

Want to know all the details of Cooper Planet Token? Then, read the content and gather information about the fantastic NFT game.

Are you looking for the decentralized game of plants and zombies? Then, we are here to present the details of the Cooper Planet.

The crypto market of the Philippines has grabbed the gamer’s interest by offering countless NFT games. These games not only provide them fun but also put profits in their pockets. Therefore, investors are always curious to know about these games.

Let’s explore Cooper Planet Token and check whether this crypto will offer benefits to the holders or not.

What is Cooper Planet?

It is a well-defined ecosystem that possesses play-to-earn games and offers NFT’s. Since it is a battle game, you might be eager to know the story behind it. Isn’t it?

Well, once upon a time, Cooper existed as one of the beautiful planets in the galaxy. Two species, namely CooPa and CooPy, used to live together in peace and harmony. But unfortunately, CooPy decided to dominate the planet. Hence the war between the two species started.

The gameplay of the Cooper planet is fantastic. It is why people are looking forward to getting more about Cooper Planet Token.

What are the different features of the Cooper Planet?

  • The CooPa species will participate in the Cooper planet ecosystem to earn rewards.
  • The planet allows you to trade different NFT by using SFO as their currency.
  • The players will get a chance to earn EXP and crypto by winning the battles. Moreover, the whole gaming process will be recorded in the blockchain.
  • Investors can stake the NFT’s like CPA and SFO. The harvesting of these will begin once the staking period gets over.
  • Players can use Cooper Planet Token and its NFT to compete against the opponent. In the end, the loser has to give SFO to the other player.

Founders of the Cooper Planet

By researching the official website, we could not find any details of the CEO of the platform. Therefore, we recommend the readers wait to know the founders and other team members who have collaborated to offer a decentralized battle game to the investors.

However, it has partnered with Sunflower finances, Binance Smart Chain and Pancakeswap to provide secured trading platforms to the gamers.

Cooper Planet Token – Price Chart

As the main currency of Cooper Planet is SFO so, here is the price statistics of it.

  • Price – $0.00010818
  • Market cap dominance – 0.00%
  • Trading volume – $1952164
  • 24h low/ 24h high – $0.00009841/ $0.00012395
  • All time high – $0.00012395
  • All time low – $0.00009841
  • Market rank – unavailable

Live Price and Market Data

The coin is available at $0.00010811, with a rise of 0.2% in the last 24 hours. The total supply of the token is 19.5 billion. However, no details of the market cap are available till now.

How to buy SFO to join the game Cooper Planet?

To add the Cooper Planet Token to your wallet and get access to the game, you need to follow the following steps-

  • Go to Pancakeswap.
  • Connect your wallet
  • In the “from” option, select USDT and click on the SFO coin in the “To” section.
  • Put the contract address.
  • Confirm your transactions and click on the swap.

Moreover, you can also check the Twitter account of Cooper Planet to know the exciting rewards offered in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •   What are the characters in the game?

Poison flower, blueberry, mushroom flower and many more.

  •   On which social media platforms Cooper Planet is active?

It is available on Instagram, Reddit, Telegram.


Ending up the article, we provided all the details of Cooper Planet Token to you. You need to purchase SFO to enjoy the gaming of Cooper Planet. So, don’t forget to catch the details of the Best Apps For Cryptocurrency Trading.

What are your views about the gameplay of Cooper Planet? Comment it down.

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