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This post on Cookieswirlc PH Account elucidates YouTube Chanel and how it has gained popularity over the years. 

Do you know about the popular filters? Do you use them on social media platforms? There has been a Youtube Chanel which has gained popularity known as the Cookie Swirl C face WorldwideThe account has helped in redefining the new generation. This Chanel has gained popularity because they recently revealed the series creator. 

The post on the Cookieswirlc PH Account will let you know about this creator and how they have changed Youtube. 

What exactly happened?

The YouTube Chanel cookie swirl face is famous for playing with children’s videos and giving out toys. These videos add to the children’s knowledge in a fun way, and parents are content with the kind of topics that this page discusses. To further establish this ideal, there have been videos about the numbers and alphabet with the help of the character Swirl Face, which was very understandable to young children. 

Upon revealing the real identity of the Cookie Swirl C PH Videothe response of the subscribers and other fans of the videos went viral. People now have solved the mystery of these videos and are very excited to see what Chanel has to do next. The Video creator has made the PH star status. These videos have been very beneficial for the children. This means that the videos have acquired millions of subscribers and views to earn from one source. This has created more news in the media and mayhem on the net. The views account for several 13,751,826 and are growing by the minute. 

Who is Cookieswirlc PH Account?

 In the reveal video, it was discovered that the woman behind the video was named Candice. She is 25 years old and mostly lives in Australia. She was seen not on any social media platforms except for Twitter. The audiences love her show, and people have been thinking of taking the show and the number of videos to a physical platform for better accessibility. The Youtube Chanel of the young creator began 5 years back and has gained significant momentum since. The creator of the show was born on 14 March 1997. Cookie Swirl C PH Video has been one of the favourite YouTube Chanel for viewers for a while now. 


In summation of the post, one can say that Cookie Swirl C has been a favourite show for most people. It has gained relative momentum since its inception. Chanel recently gained more traction because the face behind the Cookie swirl was revealed, and people were more than ever more giant fans of the show. The account has gained the PH star status and followers since. Check this link – for more information

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