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Conventions Trollge Trello: What are Trollge Conventions? How To Play It? Check Complete Details On Trollge Conventions Code, And Script

Conventions Trollge Trello is a comprehensive guide on the game, how to play it, items in the game and newly available Trollge.

Are you looking for information related to the Trollge Conversion game? Do you ever played this or have any idea about this? Whatever your answer is, we are here with our guide for Trollge players Worldwide. If you are a new player or want to play this, let’s have some information in advance. You should not miss our post, Conventions Trollge Trello, below.


What are Trollge Conventions?

The game created by @DimesionalOne is about trading, grinding and fighting. The game developed for the Roblox platform was first made available on 27 March 2022. Since then, it has been quite popular, like other Trollge games such as World of Trollge and Trollge Universal Incident. Trollge Conventions involve gathering cups to obtain specific trolls and using them to battle monsters, dummies, or other players. To ace the game in a fast-forward way, players will need Trollge Conventions Code. But it seems there are no working codes available at present. However, we have a script related to the game discussed in the next section that will definitely help players!

Script for Trollge:

Players can improve their gaming experiences using the highly effective scripting technique. The scripts are free and safe to use. You can proceed with the following steps below:

To run the script, you need a script executor.

If you have one, start the game and set up the executor.

Connect both the game and the executor and put the Trollge Conventions Script, loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”))() in the given field.

Choose “Inject” and start the shot.

Wait for it to load, and you can use it for free.

How to play Trollge Conventions?

Players must find chests because playing with Trollge is the focus of the entire game. It is the primary method of obtaining various Trollge and other goods, such as cups.

Different craftables are available in the game, which are crucial since they are used to make orbs and open chests, respectively. Trollge can be upgraded and endowed with more abilities.

What is chest in Conventions Trollge Trello game?

The chest is another important tool used in the game because it can help players obtain Trollge. The game has four different kinds of chests: standard, dark, light, and skin. Each chest is unique and has variations. The chest has many other items, including a blood cup, oil cup, paper, king’s arm, cursed orb, and even a holy orb. Trello helps speed up your Trollge experience and guarantees a smooth and organized one.

Trollge Conventions Wiki:

A new Trollge named Lightning Neo was released on the 14th of this month.

To obtain Lightning Neo, the required items are


Lightning is obtained by spawning with a 1/15000 chance every 20 seconds,

combining it in a supercharged Crate,

use on a normal troll to get lightning.

Skill 1: Light blast- can do 1 billion damage every 2 seconds and run faster.

Skill 2: Overdrive- can do 1 billion every second and AOE

Skill 3: Lightning strike- can do 2 billion damage. 


Conventions Trollge Trello is a fun-to-play game, and we hope you like the guide given in this post. Whether you are looking for scripts or how to play guide, our information will help. To play Trollge Conventions, you can click here.

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