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Como Votar Na Fazenda 15 Para Eliminar: Details On Eliminating 2023 Contestant

Are you checking Como Votar NA Fazenda 15 Para Eliminar? Check the details on eliminating 2023 contestants in the current season.

Are you following the current season of the Brazilian show A Fazenda 15? Who are your favourite contestants? And whom are you planning to eliminate this episode? People across Brazil are excited about this TV reality series. Let’s delve into detail through our post Como Votar NA Fazenda 15 Para Eliminar.

Como Votar NA Fazenda 15 Para Eliminar?

The common query among people is how to vote on Farm 15 and eliminate the participant. The process of voting is straightforward.

  • First, you need to access the official A Fazenda 15 page on (
  • The visitors will have access to the news and exclusive information about the reality show and their favourite participants. 
  • At the top of the page, you will get the official farm poll of the week, and then you can choose who should win the reality show.
  • Then, Choose the option with your favourite participant’s name and photo.
  • Wait for the vote to be confirmed.

Please note Como Votar NA Fazenda 15 2023 does not need to make any registration or purchase any type of subscription for this. Users can vote as many times as they want; it is a free and unlimited activity. To vote more than once, simply repeat the process. Voting remains open until moments before the official announcement of the champion.

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Como Faço Para Votar NA Fazenda 15– who was eliminated after the poll results:

Those in the seventh field of A Fazenda 15 are Lucas Souza, Henrique Martins, and Jaquelline Grohalski. With this, people could vote and decide who left the reality show on yesterday’s live program, which started at 10:45 pm. After Yuri wins the farmer’s test and escapes the spotlight, they compete for public preference on the Farm. According to the partial UOL poll updated at 7:20 pm, the public will not have any major surprises with the result. Henrique Martins left the race for the R$1.5 million prize, as he only received 8.09% of 39,609 votes. In Como Votar NA Fazenda 15 2023, Lucas Souza received 44.59%, and Jaquelline Grohalski received 47.31% and were favourite participants to stay on the reality show. Henrique is a Brazilian swimmer and winner of Mister Brazil 2023. He also finished first runner-up in Mister Supernational 2023 in Malopolska, Poland.

What is A Fazenda 15? 

It is the fifteenth season of a TV reality series, A Fazenda, ongoing in Brazil. This season premiered on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, after a special preview aired on September 18. Adriane Galisteu hosts this show. Twenty-two participants from different cities in Brazil with various backgrounds participated in the show. On day 54 of the show, Henrique Martins was eliminated from the series.

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Now you know Como Faço Para Votar NA Fazenda 15. We hope we were able to provide you with complete information through this post. We also hope you will be able to vote on Farm and eliminate the contestants you don’t want to keep. We wish the best for the rest of the participants. You can check the latest updates on A Fazenda 15: Baseado em Histórias Reais (The Farm 15: Based on True Stories) here.

What is your expectation from today’s episode, A Fazenda 15? Do comment.

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