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[Watch Video] Comilla Daudkandi Viral Video And Mms: Is It Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube

What is Comilla Daudkandi Viral Video And Mms? Why is it going Viral On Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, and Twitter? Read here!

Why is Comilla Daudkandi Viral Video And Mms trending? Where is Comilla District? Where is Daudkandi Upazila? What type of video is going viral from that place? Netizens from Bangladesh and India are trying to search for details about this case. Thus, we have decided to discuss the Comilla Daudkandi case in this article. 

Comilla Daudkandi Viral Video And Mms

Recently, a video has gone viral, where a couple was being stripped and assaulted. The video is from Comilla District’s Daudkandi Municipality. The footage had explicit and violent content, which was extremely painful to watch. Yet people were re-sharing the video on social media. In the footage, a man and a woman were being mistreated. 

It went Viral On Reddit and other social media platforms. Police have started an investigation into this case. They are trying first to locate the victims to charge criminal proceedings against the accused in the video. However, police have not yet identified the victims. Thus, finding them is more complex than they thought. 

More Details on Video Trending on Twitter

As per the reports by the authorities, the video was originally from March 2022. This video went viral around 20th December 2023. The video was filmed in a room. Where first, the woman was brought and assaulted by many men. After that, a man came to rescue the woman. But they started to harm the man as well.

As per Tiktok viral footage, the man was wearing a red T-shirt. After that, the man and woman both were forced to strip in front of the camera. The footage was then made viral on social media. The victims looked like a couple. The couple struggled as the woman was thrown onto a bed after an initial struggle and being surrounded by men. 

Origin Details of Youtube Viral Video 

As per the police authorities, the video was recorded in the Gouripur. The video was 3 minutes and eight seconds long. As per further investigation, it was revealed that the video spread on Facebook first and then spread on other social media such as Instagram.

The police are still unable to collect many details on the case. Because the video did not reveal much of the personal identities of the people in it. On social media, there has been a debate regarding the behaviour of men towards women and crime against women. Many claim that crime against women has increased in South Asia. 

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What Does Police Say About Telegram Video?

As per the police, the couple seems to be husband and wife. And the people misbehaving with them must have caught the couple thinking of them as lovers. The attackers tortured the couple, and this is punishable. They will not tolerate this kind of behaviour. They have also assured everyone that they will bring the victims to justice. 

Viral On Reddit is more than a year old. However, it is still being determined if the video has already been shared on social media once. Or this is the first time when the video has been shared. As per assumption, the video was shared publicly in December 2023. Because if the video has been shared, then the police must have taken some action before. 

Personal Details of Tiktok Viral Video Person

Even the identity of the victims and the attackers in the video has not been revealed. Police should be taking less time to discover the identities. Although, they have promised a thorough investigation in this case. Police have also disclosed that several teams are working on this case. 


In today’s article on Comilla Daudkandi’s Youtube viral video, we talked about the anonymous video and its details. In the video, a man and a woman were being mistreated. The attackers were outnumbering the couple. They were forced to strip in front of everyone. The video was recorded in a closed room. The video reached the police, and they have started an investigation into this case. If you wish to know more about the Daudkandi case, click here.

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Disclaimer: The Comilla Daundkandi video’s details were not available on the internet.

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