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Columbia County Florida Blind Man Arrested: Is Jim Hodges Legally Taken in Charge?

The below post will help you get the facts for Columbia County Florida Blind Man Arrested was legal or not.  

Do you find the arrest of the blind man appropriate? There is an incident of arresting a legally blind man in Florida. Well, the incident happened after some misunderstanding on the cop’s side.

The incident took place in Florida, United States. The video of their conversation before the arrest is getting viral on the internet. People are retweeting and criticising the cops for their misconduct. If you are seeking detailed information, check out the next section of Columbia County Florida Blind Man Arrested.

Why was the blind man arrested?

All the incidents of arresting a legally blind man happened after a conversation. The blind person was walking on the roadside with his helping prop folded in the pocket of his jeans. The cops were there on duty, and one of them mistook it as a weapon.

The cops asked him to take it out for the checking purpose. The man replied that he had not conducted any crime and was not subjected to any investigation. All these things resulted in a clash, and after that, the police retaliated the arrest that person.

Viral video of the arrest of Jim Hodges Florida:

As we can see in the video posted on Twitter. The person has not done anything wrong to get arrested by the cops. But people may find the blind person wrong as he opposed the cops for not showing the con. 

Every person has a different perception. Some may find that the cops were asking for security purposes. On the other hand, it may be a weapon, and sometimes ignorance may lead to tragedy. But the result of the conversation, which led to the arrest, is somehow not legal. People are using hashtags to show their anger. 

Legally Blind Man Arrested, what next?

The arrest of a person based on not using the blind cane sounds funny. The cops asked the blind person named Jim Hodges for not using the cane on being blind.

Many people retaliated in multiple ways by saying that the argument was illogical. It sounds like asking a fat person why they are not dieting and getting in shape. On the contrary, many people said it would have been easier if the person had shown his identity.

Are you curious to know about the legality of the arrest? Then, check out the next section for more information.

Columbia County Florida Blind Man Arrested was according to law?

In Florida, state law requires a person to show his identity if asked by the cops in case of investigation. The folded canes in the pocket of the blind men looked like a gun. So, on that basis, the cop asked to show the thing with his identity. But the person refused to do so.

As an act of retaliation, the person got arrested.

There should be a proper framing of the laws that would favour citizens with physical disabilities. The act of Columbia County Florida Blind Man Arrested make it necessary for the moral laws to be framed.

What do Blind people stand for in Florida Laws?

The term “blind person”, as used in the Florida laws, shall refer to an individual whose best corrected central eyesight in good vision is 20/200 or even less or a person who has a disqualifying ground deficiency in which the ground has contracted to the large extent that the broadest diameter or field of vision subtends no more than 20 °.

The proper framing of the laws is very important for the security of the citizens who are facing disability issue.

The incident of Columbia County Florida Blind Man Arrested has made the citizens to feel insecure. Earlier there were many incidents happened in Florida which resulted in the arrest of blind people without proper investigation.


The incident of arresting a blind man  took place in Florida. The person was blind and suffering from night blindness. The reason that caused the argument was due to misunderstanding of cane as a gun.

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Columbia County Florida Blind Man Arrested FAQs

Q.1 What was the name of the Blind person that got arrested?

Jim Hodges

Q.2 Where did the incident take place?


Q.3 Was that person legally blind?

Yes, the person was legally blind.

What was that person carrying in his pocket?

It was the cane to use as an aid for walking.

Q.4 Did the cops arrest him?

Yes, the cops arrested him.

Q.5 Does he have any YouTube Channel? 

Yes, check out his YouTube channel. 

Q.6 Is the Blind Man arrest legal?

According to the laws of Florida, the arrest was legal as the person denied identity.

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