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Collect Trumpcards Com: What Are These Donald NFT Trading Cards? Check Interesting Facts Here!

Collect Trumpcards Com write-up has complete information on digital cards launched in the name of former US President Donald Trump.

Do you want to know about the launch of the NFT collection by former United States President Donald Trump? The announcement surprised his followers and opponents as they derided the NFT launch. 

Trump’s token has generated a lot of interest among investors in Canada and the United Kingdom, resulting in the sale of NFT in the first twelve hours. To know more about this digital token keep reading Collect Trumpcards Com till the end.


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Donald Trump Launches NFT Collection:

Donald Trump, on his social media site Truth, revealed that a major announcement is coming on 15th December 2022. Some of his fans thought he might name his deputy for President Election in 2024, but the former President surprised them by announcing about Trump-themed digital collection.

NFT INT, the token creator, has made it clear that the sale proceeds will not go into the funding of the 2024 election. It further stated that Trump had licensed his name for the project.

Donald Trump NFT Price, Sale, and Other Facts:

The NFT has attracted the attention of digital investors with its unique features and association with the former President. Some of the facts related to the NFT collection are listed below.

  • There are a total of 45000 NFTs available on primary and secondary selling platforms.
  • The Trump collectible is minted on the Polygon blockchain.
  • The initial sale price of each digital token is $99.
  • The average floor price of each collectible is .0625 ETH.
  • Tokens can be purchased on the OpenSea platform at a floor price of the collectible.
  • 10% commission for creators.

Donald Trump Trading Cards and activities associated with each Cards:


 Donald Trump Trading Cards and activities associated with each Cards

The Trump collectible website has clarified that the digital card is for self-enjoyment purposes and is not an investment vehicle

  • There are 45 different types of digital cards in the NFT Collection.
  • Some card ownership allows people to spend time and have dinner with the former President in Miami.
  • One two one meeting digital card will allow the owner to have a private meeting with Donald Trump at MAR-A-Lago.
  • Digital card owners can also participate in Trump Sweepstakes and win 1000+ prizes.

Social Media Reaction to Donald Trump Trading Cards Launch:

Although the digital cards have been sold within hours of their launch, social media users in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have reacted differently. Some have questioned the former President’s initial stand against cryptocurrency, while others view the card as unrealistic.

Social media Links:

Final verdict:

Donald Trump detractors may be ridiculing the NFT collection launched on the collecttrumpcards website, but collectible lovers are not complaining about it. NFT collection has garnered $4.45 million in the first twelve hours and has shown a positive gain in its valuation. 

How do you see the Trump NFT collection launch? Please comment.

Collect Trumpcards Com: FAQs

Q.1 Trump NFT collection is available on which platform?

Trump NFT can be found on and

Q.2 What is the price of each Trump digital card?

rump digital cards are priced at $99.

Q.3 Which blockchain is minting Trump collectible?

The Trump collectible is minted on the Polygon blockchain.

Q.4 How many collectibles are in the Trump NFT collection?

There are 45000 collectibles in the Trump NFT collection.

Q.5 How many types of Trump digital cards are available in the collection?

There are 45 types of digital cards available in the collection.

Q.6 What is the average floor Donald Trump NFT?

The current average floor price of Trump NFT is .085 ETH.

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