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Coles Points Scam: Read To Know The Fraud With Barbecue Points, Credit Card!

Get complete information about the Coles Points Scam and related Credit Card scams in Australia. 

Did you get a Coles Reward points message on your mobile device? Do you know the reality of these messages? Recently, people of Australia have faced a severe scam alert where they received spontaneous messages from the popular brand Coles. 

Therefore, if you are a victim or getting similar messages from Coles, find out the reality of these texts. Additionally, get the complete details on the Coles Points Scam and what authorities say about the case. 

Coles Points Scam Reality

Eventually, the authorities of Australia got more than 209 reports regarding the fraud messages that citizens were receiving from the company Cole. The scam text messages contain a piece of information that says, “Your Coles point balance is **** and will expire soon. Redeem these points to get exclusive rewards from the link ______.” 

However, people who click on the link get a page where they have to fill in their personal details. As a result, scammers get all the user’s information and can use this data to steal money. Watching the chaos, the Australian Competition and Consumers Commission took action against the scam and published a notice for human welfare to avoid these fraud alerts and bonus points. 

Coles Barbecue Points Offer

The scam begins with the arrival of a competitive approach by Coles, where they provide one BBQ point on every purchase of $20 using Flybuys. So, this approach was initiated to attract customers and avoid them with a few barbeque items on the redemption of BBQ points. 

The scammers took advantage of this offer and started sharing fake links with the customers to steal their personal data. Looking at the inconvenience to the customers, Coles gave out a scam warning alert informing the customers to avoid any fraudulent messages. Additionally, users can only redeem BBQ points through the app. 

Coles Credit Card 

Besides the BBQ points scam, there’s another scam message circulating in Australia in which scammers are asking to make credit cards for customers. Moreover, customers can easily redeem the reward points they got on the text message using the credit card. 

The whole concept of the system is to get the credit card details of the customers with the help of reward points. Once the customer inputs the credit card details in the link, the scammer gets all the information and steals all the money from the credit card, and the customer has to pay the bills.

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Public Reaction on Coles Points Scam

People are upset and terrified by the scam and are looking for the authorities to take strict action regarding the situation. Additionally, netizens are also sharing their experience on social media about the Coles scam and other related scams. 

However, with the digitalization of payment, it becomes very easy for scammers to fraud people and get all the information and money from their accounts. Overall, Australians rely on ACCC to discover the scammers and stop them as soon as possible. 

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Final Verdict!

The Coles Points Scam created massive chaos among Australians, and people asked for resolutions. However, many people became victims of the scam and asked for help to get their money back. Although after the action of ACCC, people are not receiving any further scam messages, authorities are unsuccessful in finding the scammers.

Do you think Coles holds the responsibility for the BBQ Scam? Comment below. Also, find out how to avoid credit card scams. 

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