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Coldbank Crypto {Dec} Contract Address, How To Buy?

This article describes a deflationary crypto project and its token developed to generate higher returns to surpass inflation. Read on Coldbank Crypto.

Are you interested to know about the newly introduced deflationary token? Then, keep reading this article that elaborates all relevant information about the token and its use cases.

 Crypto investors, traders and stakers from the United States are always actively searching for opportunities to beat inflation using various crypto-based assets. A stable return above the inflation rate is good enough for most investors as common savings methods are inefficient. Continue reading till the end to learn more on Coldbank Crypto.

About Coldbank (COLD)

Coldbank is a deflationary token built using the Ethereum chain. The objective of the token is to provide a return above the current inflation rate to allow the investors to beat the increasing inflation in the country.

The Coldbank project is also a decentralized token providing the holders more value to the capital invested. Another peculiarity of the project is that no team members hold tokens, unlike other projects. Coldbank is also building a strong community associated with the projects to maximize growth potential and provide sufficient returns. 

Coldbank Crypto

  • The Coldbank project is a modern type of money management project that collects money from various people and helps them generate higher returns over a period.
  • The main goal is to regularly provide the token holders with a return higher than the current inflation rate.
  • The project also provides prime importance to the community and focuses on developing the community.
  • The initial phase focuses on the extensive marketing of the token and adding more holders into the community.
  • The second phase includes listing on major crypto platforms and increasing the market capital.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Price of Coldbank Crypto: $0.000003905
  • Price Change(24h): $0.000001412
  • 24h Low: $0.000002295 
  • 24h High: $0.000004779
  • Trading Volume(24h): $1,048,690.12
  • Market Rank: 3199
  • ATH: $0.000004779
  • ATL: $0.000002295
  • 52 Week Low: $0.000002295
  • 52 Week High: $0.000004779
  • Circulating Supply: No Data
  • Max Supply: No Data
  • Total Supply: No Data

Founders and Team

Official data related to the founder, investors and team is not available on the official website.

Where to Buy COLD?

  • Visit Uniswap (V2) website.
  • Connect your wallet with the Uniswap (V2) platform. The new users can create a free wallet by visiting Metamask and Trustwallet websites. The wallet users should protect their secret wallet phrase for future needs. Learn about Coldbank Crypto.
  • As Uniswap (V2) provides only one trading pair associated with COLD, the user needs to purchase WETH and add it to their wallet.
  • The user can purchase WETH on Binance and then transfer it to the wallet.
  • Once WETH is added to the wallet, ensure that the loaded WETH is sufficient to purchase COLD tokens as per the user requirement.
  • The final steps involve the selection of WETH/COLD trading pair and swapping it.
  • The user’s wallet is finally credited with equivalent COLD tokens.


Q1: What is the Ethereum contract address for Coldbank Crypto?

A1: The Ethereum contract address for COLD is 0xf49f43c1e8b0c8ac13e63ec7921692a199029d49. 

Q2: Is the COLD token listed on major crypto platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko?

A2: Yes, the COLD token is listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko platforms. Additionally, these crypto platforms provide data related to the technical and fundamental aspects of the token.


Inflation is a real wealth destroyer, and investments should generate a return higher than the inflation rate for proper financial growth. To know more about this topic, please visit.

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