Cold Koala Token (June) Coin Price, Chart, How To Buy

Cold Koala Token (June) Coin Price, Chart, How To Buy?

Cold Koala Token (June) Coin Price, Chart, How To Buy? >> Please read the article below to grab the content related to a new currency that claims to provide funds for the wildlife.

Do you invest in digital currencies? Are you aware of all the different categories of crypto? If not, then here are we with one more type of cryptocurrency.

Cold Koala is another type that contributes to wildlife and charity. However, every currency holds its motive to share and ask people to trade. The trend started with the United States, but now people worldwide are following it to get good values after investing. 

Let us check all the required information related to Cold Koala Token in this article.

About Cold Koala

It is a small initiative taken on the BSC network. These tokens are recently launched on 20 May 2021. The company assures to give its large part of the profit to help the wildlife.

The main motive of the company is to save the cuteness and life of Koalas. Therefore, they share the profit with several other things and claim that no other crypto can help others in such a great manner.

The company’s future goals include enhancing the business to get koalas forest and tress by raising the fund via trading and exchanging the tokens.

Cold Koala Token Team

The team of the cold koala is also animal-loving that includes Martin as a project manager, John as an operation manager who holds an experience of almost four years in crypto and Shown as a community manager.

Cold Koala Price

The current price is $0.000000000000000199300, but the tokens are not in the trading list from the last 24hour. 

Market Cap and Supplies

The token is new in the market, and it has a total supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. The market cap of these coins is $10,888,784 that excludes the burned coins and locked coins.

It had 20,780 transactions in the last 24-hours. Cold Koala Token has almost 8,692 holders that could decide the upcoming values of the tokens.

40% of the tokens are burned, another 40% is available for the investors, 10% for the charity wallet and 10% for marketing and development.

How to buy these Tokens?

The tokens are available on Pancakeswap. Please follow the steps if you wish to purchase these coins. 

  • Visit the Metamask app.
  • Create the account if you are doing it for the first time.
  • Get your wallet, visit pancakeswap and buy BNB coins.
  • After purchase the BNB coin, click on the exchange button to buy Cold Koala Token.
  • Check your wallet and start trading.

As the tokens are not trading right now, the prediction of upcoming coins is not available.


Q1 – What is the official site of cold koala coins?

A1 – To check the details related to these tokens, you can visit

Q2- What is the contract address to buy these tokens?

A2 -You can use the 0x1bfe24e7fb1d3b2dffd9c1d49372b07bc6fda829.

Q3 – Where can you get the updates related to the tokens?

A3 – The company’s official team shares all the information on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Q4 – What is the liquidity of the tokens?

A4 –  Cold Koala Token has liquidity of 1.80%, or $58,024,702. You can watch the video to know more about how to buy these coins. Please click on the link here

The Bottom Line

Population all over the world are showing interest in cryptocurrencies. All the updates and facts are shared here to solve the confusion.

The company and its charity could be beneficial for the wildlife, and you could start trading as soon as you want, but taking into account that crypto also involves risk. 

Have you already purchased these coins? Are you planning to buy so? Please share your honest decision and feedback related to Cold Koala Token in the comment section below. Moreover, please click here to learn about the best trading apps for Crypto. 

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