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Colby Richards Missing: Who Is Colby Richards? What Colby Richards Did? Is He Found? Check Full Details On His Missing Case

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Who is Colby Richards? What happened to Colby Richards? When was Colby missing? Colby Richards, the young man from the United States, was missing from 26th May Friday. Where was he last seen? Officers are searching and asking for help to find the disappeared man Colby Richards online. Read Colby Richards Missing article to get more details about Colby Richards.


When was Colby Richards missing?

Colby Richards, the 31 years old young man, was missing. He was last seen in Montgomery and was the topic of a massive search effort. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office community team coordinated and took action to find the missing person. 

The Office authorities have specified that the man was last seen on 26th May 2023. People saw Colby Richards on Friday early morning at his house. According to the investigation team reports, he was last seen when he was walking at his home. 

Where was Colby Richards seen?

Colby Richards, the missing man, is from TexasHe was seen on the 26th Friday at his home in the Musgrove Place neighborhood of spring. On that day of missing, he was dressed up casually. The neighbors saw that he was dressed up normally at the time with a t-shirt and black shorts. He was wearing gray color Under Armour shoes.

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Colby Richards Identification

Colby Richards is a white skin man. He is 6 feet three inches in height and 195 pounds in weight.

Is Colby Richards found?

The young man was missing from Friday. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office investigation department started searching for him. They released his identification to the public and asked for support in finding Colby Richards. The official has mentioned the missed person identification online. 

Colby Richards has blue eyes, and his hair is dark blonde and short. He also has a fair appearance. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office officials request public information on Colby Richards.  And also, officials are collecting information on his present location and his friends, relationship, and to whom he is getting in touch. 

What Colby Richards Did?

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is enquiring everyone in the public area to look out for Colby Richards. Officials asked the public to submit any related information they have, regardless of how insignificant they have faith in it. The hope may help locate Colby Richards and soon bring him home safely. It is the biggest support to Colby Richards’s loved ones. 

After the official statement was issued, most of the individuals sent response comments and expressed their hope. Sure, Colby Richards was found alive and well. 

Public Support to the Officials

Colby Richards, the 31 years’ young man from Woodlands, USA, was missing for the past three days. The Sheriff’s Office received a good response and hoped to find Colby Richards after the post about him. 

One online Facebook social media user, Heather Morgan Reding, expressed her anxiety for Colby Richards. She mentioned that he taught her child and is praying for his happiness and health. 

Public Support to the Officials

Bianca Benavides shared the post as the hope that Colby Richards has originated in a safe location. Tina Howard expressed sadness and shock about the occurrence. She shared positive thoughts and prayers. And also, Mandy Hardin, the online user, has voiced her concern and support and Colby Richards Missing.

Contact Information

Officials rushed their search to find Colby Richards with more search efforts. The department shared the number with the public regarding the missing case. Officials requested the public to share the information with this number 936-760-5800. And People are also requested to note down the missing case number, which is #23A151879. The case number was shared to be processed exactly and practically.

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Colby Richards is believed that he left on foot from his home on Musgrove Place in spring, TX. Montgomery County officials are searching for the Colby Richards missing person and requested public support to find him. Click the link for more information.

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Colby Richards Missing: FAQ

Q1. Who is Colby Richards?

31 years’ young man

Q2. When was Colby missing?

26th May 2023, Friday

Q3. Where he was last seen?

In his house.

Q4. Are Officials found him?

Not yet. 

Q5. What is Colby Richards’s case number?


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