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Coinchange App {Nov} A New Mobile Platform For Trading!

This article describes a crypto trading and investing platform available to mobile phone users with Android and iOS devices. Read on Coinchange App.

Are you looking for a mobile application that is suitable for faster crypto investing and trading? If yes, this article will explain all the relevant information about this topic. Please read this article till the end to know all details about this recently launched crypto application.

Investors, traders, and crypto enthusiasts of Nigeria, United States, are excited about introducing an application that provides them with easy access to crypto investments. These apps help traders and investors to monitor, analyze cryptos while travelling. Read on Coinchange App.

About Coinchange Company

Coinchange is a leading Fintech company focusing on providing its users with crypto-based financial instruments for trading and investing purposes according to the user’s preference. All the assets available in this platform are based on the trending blockchain technology.

The company made highly innovative initiatives to attract more customers to their platform. The customers are given multiple investment choices, making it accessible for more significant crypto participation. The user can analyze the past performance of the crypto assets and select an asset that suits their financial risk appetite.

Coinchange App

  • The developers came forward with the idea of a mobile application to increase a broader customer base as most investors and traders choose crypto platforms based on the quality of mobile applications and services the platform provides to its users.
  • To dominate the crypto market, a company needs to provide quality service to its customers by offering them a user-friendly mobile application with multiple investing and trading facilities. 
  • The mobile application also helps students, employees, and business people to track and analyze their investing and trading portfolios in a matter of a few seconds.

Market Capitalization

Coinchange App has no official token, so there is no fundamental and technical data such as market capitalization, current market price, supply, volume, etc.

Founders and Team

  • Maxim Galash handles the role of the CEO.
  • Oleg Serebryany is the company’s CTO.
  • Peter Valin is designated as the CMO.
  • Travis Morphew is the Sale’s Head.
  • Albert Sheynzon is the Director and Corporate Advisor of the company.
  • Vadim Filippov is the company’s CPO. 
  • Martin Howland is the Head of Compliance.
  • Aleksander Borowski is assigned as the Poland Managing Director.
  • The company’s significant advisors are Robert Mueller and Mariana Gomez. Read on Coinchange App.

How to Buy?

  • Android users need to visit Google Play, and iOS users need to visit Apple App Store to install the Coinchange mobile application.
  • After completing the installation process, the user needs to create an account on Coinchange by providing the user’s basic information.
  • The next step involves the verification of mail IDs and mobile numbers.
  • After that, KYC needs to be verified.
  • After completing all these steps, as mentioned above, the user needs to load their Coinchange wallet with fiat currency.
  • These fiat currencies are used to purchase different crypto assets available on Coinchange App.


Q1: Is Coinchange mobile application available for iOS users?

A1: Yes, Coinchange mobile application is available for iOS users. The iOS users can install the application from Apple App Store.

Q2: Does the Coinchange platform provide signup rewards for the new users? 

A2: Yes, new users are rewarded with a $40 bonus. This reward is claimable only once.


The introduction of mobile applications helps more people to get involved with crypto purchases as most people prefer mobile applications over PC software. To know more about this topic, please visit.

Have you invested in cryptos using applications similar to Coinchange App? If yes, please comment below. Also Check Best App To Buy Cryptocurrency 2021

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