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Coin Yorum Coinotag (Feb 2022) Detailed Updates Here!

This post is about Coin Yorum Coinotag to help users know about an emerging platform to discover details of cryptocurrencies, technologies, and their working.

Technical goals, news, analysis, and commentaries for key virtual currencies, such as metaverse and Bitcoin, with gem tokens, defi, and web 3.0 are all part of Coinotag.

It shows how perfectly an online platform fulfills visitors’ expectations from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, and other parts of the world and holds their attention. 

If you want to know more about Coin Yorum Coinotag, you may continue reading the post below and find the facts about this unique platform.

What exactly is Cointag?

Coinotag is an online virtual currency platform or network where digital currency and commodity analysis is commenced, specifically coin comments, crypto money use, and Bitcoin news.

It is also called BPT, Room, or Coin Room, having the legal title CoinOtag. It is an official platform where altcoin comment analyses, cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin are included.

When was Coinotag founded?

Coinotage was founded on September 19, 2018, and is operational over the official site. Unfortunately, the traffic to this online platform has declined by 12.80% compared to the previous month. 

Audience interests give essential information about coinotag.com visitors’ surfing preferences. Its audiences are interested in Online Communities and Social Networks, Electronics, Computers, and Google.

Additional Facts about Coin Yorum Coinotag:

  • Company Type- Profit
  • Category- Investing
  • Contact Number- + 90 551 020 02 87 
  • Email-Address- contact@coinotag.com
  • Website- coinotag.com
  • Founding Date- September 19, 2018
  • Average visit Duration- 00:01:56
  • Pages Per Visit: 1.45
  • Bounce Rate- 74.33%
  • Total visits- 1.6 million
  • Global Rank- 159 348
  • Category Rank- 11

What is the marketing channels overview of Coinotag?

Coinotag’s website gets about 54.18 percent from direct and approximately 32.21 percent from Social.

Besides, its top competitor is KriptoKoin, and Twitter is directing the traffic to Coinotag. 

The website also claims that it does not provide investment advice, and you must conduct an independent search and control your risk.

Moreover, any losses and gains are not the responsibility of Coin Yorum Coinotag or Coin Ota’s. So, you must research independently and control your risks. 

What makes Coinotag different from other online platforms?

It maintains broadcasting for free and believes in cutting-edge technologies, including Web 3.0, Metaverse, and DeFi. It also wants to deliver the most up-to-date process for future possibilities to its audience.

Advanced, basic, and technical analysis or virtual currencies that are on the mind of their supporters, or that have taken the opportunity to be on their horizon, and that have demonstrated itself on the world stage may be found on the Coin Ota’s official online platform.

Besides, Coin Yorum Coinotag maintains current broadcasting content on its social media pages, which may be beneficial to the mindset of its fans.

Which are the top topics over Coinotag?

The top topics over Coinotag’s official online platform are as follows:

  • What is Cloud Mining, and how does it work?
  • Mistakes made, and why do we lose over the crypto market?
  • Are you a trader or an investor, and explain their differences?
  • What exactly is Keltner Channel Indicator?

Also, uptrend downwards of NEAR, Litecoin and its potential scenarios, Dogecoin, Polygon, Polkadot (DOT), Bitcoin, and much more. You may also visit its contact, Imprint, or other web pages to know them better.


Coin Yorum Coinotag or Coin Ota has provided every follower, interested party, crypto money investor with free comments, analysis, news, and objectives since 2018.

It also provides various digital currencies, crypto exchanges, platforms, and analysis details.

Also, you may read here more on Coinotag’s Coin Yorum. Please leave your comments about our topic on Coinotag in the end.

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