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Coin Ygg {Sep 2021} Chart, How to Buy? Contract Address

One of the most popular crypto tokens, coin Ygg is currently booming in the market. So if you want to invest, read this page first to know its actual worth.

Do you want to know what Ygg is? Is it safe for investment? So, whatever your query is about this coin, you have landed on the right page. Here we will discuss the unique business structure of YGG, which is called yield guild games. It generates a new digital world by improving the digital economy Worldwide

So, what’s the future of Coin ygg? Should you invest in it? Let us discuss below and know whether this coin is beneficial or just a coin with no value. 

About YGG

Yield Guild Games, a DAO known to enhance blockchain games and give every experienced aspiring investor a platform to try their luck in investing NFT digitally. For instance, users can use Non-fungible tokens from Axie infinity to build their own profitable business with YGG. Its motive is to create sustainable growth of the economy Worldwide and empower the members to thrive digitally and competitively. 

Moreover, the Coin ygg virtual economies can shape the country and build a stronger economy than the real-world economy. 

Yield Guild Games Token Price Chart 

  • Price- $5.44
  • Token name- YGG
  • Market Dominance value- 0.2%
  • Market cap- $478,430,370
  • All-time high- $10.62
  • All-time low- $0.964722
  • 24 hour Trading volume- $31,419,224
  • Volume market cap- 000657
  • 24H low- $5.40-$6.46
  • 24H high- $4.92-$8.48

YGG Token Supply chain & market rank

  • Circulating supply- 67.9 Million
  • Total supply- no data available
  • Maximum supply- 1,000,000,000
  • Market Rank- #151

Who is the founder of YGG?

According to the whitepaper of yield guild games, Beryl Li, Gabby Dizon, and owl are co-founders of the Coin ygg. They came up with the brilliant idea of generating such a unique platform to generate income. It is a decentralized autonomous organization created to invest in NFT’s used in blockchain technology and virtual worlds. 

The developer created a unique virtual world economy by optimizing the owned assets for maximum utility and sharing those points with the token holders. 

YGG coin prediction and statistics

While checking the value of Ygg, we found that it has a great value of up to $5.42 within 24 hours with a trading volume of $50,111,279. Another is its live market cap is $36,761,761 that simply shows how beneficial this coin can be.

Is Coin ygg safe for investment?

YGG is based on DAO’s that is a principal of revenue that comes after leveraging the ygg token directly or indirectly to its users. In this, members have a guild to use the treasure in exchange for getting rewards. 

The developers believe that Ygg will boost the rapid growth of the economy that is reflected in the game as assets in the open market. Also, it allows users to claim tokens for maximizing their revenue.

How to Buy YGG?

  • Visit miso.sushi.com 
  • Navigate the ygg coin for sale and tap on the auction button.
  • Next, click on connect button and choose MetaMask for Coin ygg. 
  • On the sale page, you will see that the price is starting; if not, then refresh the page.
  • Place your bid amount and tap on approving.
  • Next, choose the commit option if you want to increase the number of transactions.
  • Check all your commitments and confirm the Etherscan.
  • Claim your tokens within 24 hours; otherwise, the whole process is deleted.


What is the average value of YGG today?

The current price is $.5.65.

Who is the owner of the Yield guild game?

Gabby Dizon is the director of Ygg Company.

The Bottom Line     

So, you have learned the value and benefits of investing in Coin ygg to maximize the earnings with no time. However, the market includes risks, so one should invest when they know they are 100% correct. 

Do you find this coin safe for investment? Please share your views in the given comment box.  Check here Best Apps For Cryptocurrency Trading

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