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Coin Gmee (Sep 2021) Token Prediction & How To Buy!

Explore the Coin Gmee and learn the details of an exciting gaming platform that brings lots of entertainment for investors.

Are you interested to know about the crypto token that connects the digital world to entertainment? Would you like to capture the details of play to earn game becoming quite popular in Nigeria and India nowadays? Then you are indeed at the right place as today’s article will throw a light on the brief introduction of the Gmee token.

The NFT games have increased the number of investors in the crypto market with its successful projects. It is why playing to earn games are becoming the centre of attraction for every investor. 

Let’s explore Coin Gmee and know about its live price.

What is Gmee?

Gmee is far away from the ordinary tokens launched till now as it has brought the blockchain to gaming to provide a unique platform that can truly serve the purpose of entertainment. It is a wonderland of countless games where investors have to play and add Gmee to their wallets. 

It is a utility token that can be used as a currency for purchasing and as a reward. The Gmme platform has developed a non-fungible system that can integrate with its Coin Gmee and allow users to get the bonus, unique games, new challenges and missions. 

Founders of the Gmee

After evaluating the official website, we found that the CEO of Gmee is Bozena Rezab, whereas the co-founder of the platform is Jan Castek and Miroslav Chmelka. 

The valuable partners of the Gmee are Mind Fund, Block Dream Fund, AKG ventures, Metapurse. However, the team has put their efforts into providing a trusted platform for trading like Uniswap, Bitmart and many more.

Coin Gmee – Price Chart 

  • Price – $0.1603
  • Variation in 24 hours – $0.01912
  • 24h low/24h high – $0.1414/ $0.1614
  • Trading volume – $779,139.72
  • Volume – 0.08592
  • Market dominance -0.00%
  • Market rank – 1004
  • Market cap – $9068295.16
  • 7d low / 7d high – $0.1264/ $0.1634
  • Total supply – 3180000000 GMEE
  • All time high – $0.755
  • All time low – $0.07281

Live Price of Gmee

Today, the coin is available at $0.160870, with a rise in price by 13.33% from the last 24 hours. The currency is holding the position of 1004 in the crypto market. The fully diluted market cap of Coin Gmee is $511567124.43.

Price Prediction of Gmee

According to the prediction done by the available data of the token, the coin’s price will rise high in the coming months and will put profits in the pockets of investors. So, it will be a good investment for the holders.

The highest price in the future will be $ 0.79853459277. 

How to buy Gmee?

Let’s learn how to get this token by using a trusted platform, Uniswap.

  • Firstly you need to create a metamask wallet on the platform.
  • Now put Ethereum or some other bitcoin in it. These tokens will help in accessing Coin Gmee.
  • Now go to Uniswap and select the currency as Gmee.
  • Put contract address.
  • Swap and check the liquidity provider fee, price impact and other details.
  • Hit the buy button and add the token to your wallet.

Moreover, along with the procedure, we recommend you get updated with the latest news of Gmme from its Twitter account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we perform exchanges on KuCoin to get Gmee?
  • Yes
  • How many games does the platform offer?
  • More than eighty games of different genres.


Putting an end to the article, we presented all the details of Coin Gmee. However, the predictions are positive so you can access the token, but before that, you must be aware of the facts that answer the question What You Must Know Before Investing In Cryptocurrency?

What are your views about the token? Comment and share with us.

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