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Coin Boddanoff {Dec 2021} Contract Address, How To Buy?

If you want to invest in Coin Boddanoff, read the article and learn about the new cryptocurrency.

Hello readers, today we will discuss a brand new cryptocurrency with a European origin.

But after launching the token, it is in controversy due to its inventors. It originated in France.

Besides its controversies, it still talks of the market due to its arguments.

So, today we try to find out the primary source and find out all the information about the controversial crypto Coin Boddanoff.

Let us begin with a briefing of this token.

What is the Token? 

We try to find its source, but we don’t have much news or data about the coin.

We find that the name of the coin is RIP Grichka Bogdanoff 72 is a digital currency. It is the new member of the cryptocurrency family.

But from its inception, it has been associated with “Binance Smart Chain” or “BSC BEP-20”. It was deployed on 29 December 2021.

Due to its Smart Chain connection, many experts have started finding its market speculation and investing protocols. Besides this, the investors also take interest due to its founder’s involvement.

Coin Boddanoff– The Interceptors 

There is a fascinating story behind the founders. They are twin brothers. A Physicist, television personality and influencer in the trading market of the country.

They disclose why they have founded the new cryptocurrency. In one interview, the twin said they know the mastermind behind the “Bitcoin” Satoshi Nakamoto. The twin brothers also disclosed that they solved some mathematics code during the “Bitcoin” invention.

That is why they know the inception process of cryptocurrency and expressed that this is the main reason they invented their cryptocurrency in the market. 

Coin Boddanoff– Stand in Market

Let’s talk about its market stand. In comparison, the currency is very new in the market. But due to its strong background, the coin earned something in the market. We should discuss its market protocols in detail.

Our market survey on Boddanoff says we don’t find any helpful information about the token. We are trying to find out all the essential information. But there is no price rate, liquidity, low and high price rate, rank, volume and market cap.

We find a total and whole coin supply that is around 100,000,000 BGDNF. 

Do You Want to Buy the Coin? 

Do you buy Coin Boddanoff? That is the central question in recent times. Unfortunately, we can’t comment on this as we don’t find any pertinent market information. But as per the financial expert’s view can inform you of the present status of the token.

On the last day, the price rate of the coin is increasing up to 0 percent. The coin’s trading volume has been around 0% during the previous 24 hours.

It is also true the coin has a payment system based on a financial plan. It also has traditional payment protocols on the “Blockchain.”

The Buying Protocols

If you want to buy or sell Coin Boddanoffyou can check the “PancakeSwap (v2)” platform. Then, you can register your name with this exchange platform and start trading for the coin.


  • Do You Know the Contract Address of the Coin?
  1. The contract address is – 0x8a5600174F680FBFa522CB81c3645BCe13dd994A.
  • Why Does the Coin Receive Controversies? 
  1. Many financial experts claim that the Boddanoff brothers want to control the country’s share market via this cryptocurrency. But till now, nothing has been proved.

Final Thoughts

We discuss the token, but we don’t find any helpful information about the coin. So, before investing in Coin Boddanoffyou take proper suggestions from the crypto and financial experts.

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Furthermore, you can click here for a better understanding of this token.   

Do you ever make any investments in cryptocurrencies? Share your experience and comment.

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