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Cody Longo Wikipedia: Who Is Cody Longo? Also Check Details On His Wife, Death, Instagram, Wiki, And Net Worth

The article on Cody Longo Wikipedia explains an actor’s tragic death and details on his personal life.

Do you know who Cody Longo is? What happened to the Actor of ‘Days of our lives’? If you are a fan of Hollywood heights, then you must know Cody Longo as Eddie Duran. Why are people from the United States and Canada searching for Cody Longo Wikipedia? Read this write-up to find out why and more details on the topic.


What Happened to Cody Longo?

According to reports, American Musician, Actor, Producer, and Composer Cody Longo died on Wednesday. The actual reason for his death has not been revealed yet. The police discovered Cody’s dead body on Wednesday, and he was in his bed at his residence in Texas. Now people are searching for his details on Wiki. Some people around him think that the consumption of liquor might be the reason for his death because he has struggled with it for years, and past summer, he went to rehab due to overconsumption. 

Personal Details 

Cody had worked in several films and series over the years. Some of his successful and famous projects were; Hollywood Heights, Days of Our Lives, etc. Let us see some details about him.

Name  Cody Longo
Birth Date 4th March 1988
Birth Place Littleton, Colorado, U.S.  
Net Worth No official data is present, just an estimate between 1 to 5 million USD. 
Spouse Stephanie Clark (they got married in 2015)
Children He had two children.
Died On 8th February 2023
Reason  Not Revealed 
Height 1.83 m
Profession Actor, Producer and Musician
Nationality American
Parents Details are not available. 

 Some of His Projects and Famous Work

Cody proved himself as an actor and a musician. His career started in 2009, and his song ‘She Said’ was in the Top 100 on Billboard in 2104. Some of his known works are ‘The Catch,’ ‘Secrets and Lies,’ ‘Nashville,’ ‘The Last Movie Star,’ ‘Days of Our Lives’ and ‘Hollywood Heights.’

Social Media Details of Cody Longo


His account on Instagram is private. His bio read ‘God and Family’ and ‘Movie & Melodies.’ He had 105 thousand followers, and he followed 1207 people. He posted over 1600 posts on Instagram. His profile picture is of his children and him.  


On Twitter, he had more than 71.9 thousand followers and followed 499 people. He was not active on Twitter. 


He was not active on Facebook.


Cody Longo, an American actor, died on 8th February; cops went to check on him after his Wife expressed her concern to the police. She was at work and tried calling him, but Cody didn’t answer her calls. When the police reached his residence in Austin, he was lying on the bed dead. No reason has been disclosed yet. For more details, click here.

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Recent Updates on the Death of Cody Longo: FAQs

Q1. Who is Cody Longo’s Wife?

A1. Stephanie Clark is Cody’s Wife.

Q2. Is there a page on Wikipedia for Cody Longo?

A2. No, there is no official page of the ActorActor Cody on Wikipedia.

Q3. What happened to him?

A3. He died on 8th February 2023, and no cause has been released.

Q4. Did Cody Longo appear in Hollywood Heights?

A4. Yes, he played the role of Eddie Duran in the series.

Q5. Who Is Cody Longo?

A5. Cody Longo was an actor, Musician, and producer working in the industry since 2009.

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