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Do you know how Cody Hendrix lost his life? When did Cody Hendrix lose his life? What was the profession of Cody Hendrix? Are you searching for Cody Hendrix to learn all the details? While you have been looking for information, this article will provide you with loads of information about Code Hendrix.

People who are living in the United States of America know that in 2021 Cody Hendrix lost his life due to an accident. Now people are searching for details to know about Cody Hendrix Obituary. Follow this article, and you can understand what has been written in the obituary of Cody Hendrix.

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Obituary of Cody Hendrix:

On February 19, 2021, Cody Thomas Hendrix, 27, of Onaway, died from an accident while performing labor in California. On January 18, 1994, Robert and Tami Hendrix gave birth to a pretty-looking son named Cody.

While attending the Whitepine School District, Cody resided with his grandparents Lynn and Bertie Woodin while growing up in Deary, Idaho. After finishing school, he spent time with his grandparents, Dennis and Mary-Ann Hendrix, and began working various jobs. 

He was very proud of his recent career, which involved installing sports fields for SPRINTURF. These details have been found in the WIKI of Cody Hendrix.

When was the Graveside memorial service for Cody Hendrix?

This service was done for Cody Hendrix on April 21, 2021, at 100.00 am, and this function has been arranged on Scenic Six Depot. On this day, a fund has been released by Latah Federal Credit Union to develop a Skateboard park in memory of Cody Hendrix.

Now, who takes care of the family of Hendrix?

Kramer Funeral Home of the Palouse has taken all the family responsibilities, and they are now living in Washington, DC. Lots of people have sent their condolences using online portals.

Biography of Cody Hendrix:

Cody Hendrix was born on January 18, 1994. He belongs to a middle-class background. From his childhood, he has had an interest in sports. 

After completing middle school, he decided to live in Onaway with his grandparents and search for a job. Later he got a chance to join the White pine School district as an exceptional teacher.

What is the Net Worth of Cody Hendrix?

No correct details have been available about the total assets of Cody Hendrix. If any new information is available, we will soon share it with you through this website. Now continue this write-up to know some extra details on Cody Hendrix.

How did Cody Hendrix lose his life?

The death of Cody Hendrix has been controversial. Some sources said he died from an accident, and another claimed he had committed suicide due to some personal reason that his family had never revealed.

Important information about Cody Hendrix:

Real Name Cody Hendrix
Nick Name Cody
Date of Birth 18th January 1994
Age 27 years old
Nationality American
Total Asset Not Known
Religion Christianity
Grand Father Dennis Hendix
GrandMother Mary-Ann Hendrix
Parents Information Yes, available
Father Name Robert Hendrix
Mother’s Name Tami Hendrix
Graveside Memorial Service Date 21st April 2021
Girlfriend Not Found
Weight 205 lbs, 92.99 KG
Height & More 6 ft 0 inch

Social Media Accounts of Cody Hendrix:

We do not find any single social media account of Cody Hendrix, who died last year on February 19. 

Final Verdict:

Cody Hendrix, a 27-year-old boy, died mysteriously on February 19, 2021. The family released an obituary after the graveside memorial function had been organized. Still, it is unclear whether he had committed suicide or faced an accident.

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FAQ of Cody Hendrix Obituary:

1 At which date Cody Hendrix died?

On February 19, 2021.

2 What is the birthdate for Cody? 

January 18, 1994.

3 In which school did Cody Hendrix work?

Whitepine School District.

4 How did Cody Hendrix die?

Details not revealed. 

5 Who is Cody Hendrix’s Father?

Robert Hendrix.

6 Who is Cody Hendrix’s Mother?

Tami Hendrix

7 Who is Cody Hendrix’s Father Grandfather?

Dennis Hendrix.

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