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Codes For Grimace Shake Roblox: What Is the Grimace Shake Game? Is the Grimace Shake Real And Still Available? Check Full Details On Shake Recipe

Codes for Grimace Shake Roblox will discuss the reality behind the latest trending short video on this name and describe this game.

Are you aware of the trending reels based on Grimace Shake offered by McDonald’s restaurants? What is Grimace Shake, and how is it prepared? Do you know that people all over the United States have gone crazy about this, and now a Roblox game is available on the same trend?

Whether you are looking for codes used in the game or recipe, this Codes for Grimace Shake Roblox guide cover all. Therefore, stay with us to know every detail of it.


What is the recent trend of Grimace Shake?

In June 2023, McDonald’s outlets in the United States started serving the Grimace milkshake for Grimace’s Birthday Meal. This milkshake was the part to honor the 52nd birthday of the character Grimace character. Character Grimace was introduced by McDonald’s in 1972 as “Evil Grimace.”

This year when the beverage was first released in meal, which included the purple milkshake, 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, and a medium side of fries, the hashtag #GrimaceShake quickly gained popularity on TikTok. It has more than 300 million views.

What Is the Grimace Shake game? 

Following the Grimace Shake trend, Roblox released a roleplay survival game called Grimace Shake on 30 June 2023. The game released by Retro Horror has more than 3.5 million visits and got its recent update yesterday.

In the game, one player acts as a killer while the other tries to escape as a team. You need to find a way out soon as Grimace Milkshake is a monster here, and if it discovers you, the game is over.

The Grimace Shake codes in one way to be in the game for long. You can also participate in giveaways or join their discord server or Retro Horror Roblox group for more free rewards.

Codes for Grimace Shake Roblox:

It seems there are no working codes available for Grimace Shake. However, the update on the website shows they will release the code whenever they hit 15000 likes.

How to redeem the codes if you have any in the game?

To redeem the code of Grimace Shake, follow these steps:

  • Launch the game; on the main screen, you will see the codes option on the left; click on that.
  • If you have any code, paste and click to submit or redeem.
  • Once you exit the screen, you will get the freebies associated with it.

Is the Grimace Shake Real?

Yes, Grimace Shake is real and was available. A video of Grimace Shake became viral, and later on, that trend was on TikTok. However, TikTok user @thefrazmaz, who first created the original Grimace Shake video, explained that it was only for fun. He released his first video on 14 June, which has millions of views.

According to him, he made a video on this purple shake after learning Spider-Verse burger, which is unique for its unnatural color. @thefrazmaz decided after he saw a video where a man was in hospital after taking a bite of a burger. Soon he decided to do something similar and fake Grimace Shake Death after having this shake. It was just its weird color, and he set a trend out of it.

How does Grimace Shake taste?

Many people filming themselves for this trend and pretending death are looking for the viral shake recipe. Ingredients required are:

  • 4 tablespoons of strawberry jam, 
  • vanilla ice cream,
  • 300 ml of milk,
  • Whipped cream,
  • and, of course, frozen blueberries 1/2 cup.

To prepare it 

  • Put ice cream in the blender when it becomes slightly soft.
  • Add milk, blueberries, and strawberry jam.
  • Blend it until smooth.
  • Transfer it from the blender to a suitable glass and add whipped cream.

Your Grimace Shake Recipe is done and ready to taste. If you enjoy it, please do not vomit and fake death.

How does McDonald’s react to this funny meme and trend?

The shake, which was available on 12 June first at McDonald’s, has gained enormous popularity. The company also participated in the viral trend and shared a photo on Twitter of a purple fluffy creature wearing a hat with the McDonald’s logo. Along with the photo, it tweets, “Mee pretending I do not see the trend Grimace Shake.”

Many people searched for “Is the Grimace Shake Still Available?” However, it was part of a birthday celebration limited edition, and the company discontinued it after 29 June 2023. The company again tweeted a photo of a fluffy purple creature wearing black goggles and posing “goodbye.” The tweet followed a text: “U made me feel so special, Ty, say goodbye grimace nowww.”


The information here is based on the trend on social media. Nobody is a victim of this shake, and it is absolutely safe to consume if you prepare yourself.


We hope now you know What Is the Grimace Shake and get all the answers to this query. People looking for a recipe to taste the shake or escape the monster through the game code have all the answers after reading this post. Anytime you want to play the Grimace Shake game on Roblox, you can hit it here.

Did you survive in the game? Do comment

Codes for Grimace Shake Roblox- FAQs

Q1. What is Grimace Shake all about?

The Grimace milkshake was released by McDonald’s as a part of the Grimace Birthday Meal to celebrate its 52nd birthday.

Q2. Is there any game available on this theme?

Yes, the game with the same name is available after a short trending video on the Grimace Shake.

Q3. Where can you play the game?

Retro Horror releases the game, and you can play it on the Roblox platform.

Q4. What is the trending video related to the shake?

In the short video, people drink the purple Grimace shake, vomit, and pretend to be dead. 

Q5. Is the Grimace Shake Real?

Yes, it was real.

Q6. Did people die after drinking this shake?

No, they just pretend to die, but no one dies, actually. People are just following a trend and doing it for fun purposes.

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