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Code GR Yokai Watch Five Star Coin (Aug) Token Price

Access Code GR Yokai Watch Five Star Coin updates over here and know all other codes that are available for acquiring a game inventory of Yokai Watch.

Across Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, India, and United States, the Japanese game named Yo-Kai watch is popularly played among youngsters and children.

The Code GR Yokai Watch Five Star Coin information has been added upon various sources over the internet, and users of yokai Watch seem extremely impatient to acquire its details. To aid people with the information about the same, this page reveals every fact of the Yokai Watch and its QR code to acquire coins.

Do read out this page till the end to have its knowledge.

What Is Yokai Watch?

Yo-Kai Watch is a role-playing toy and video game developed and created by level five. This video game is a Japanese-made mixed-media Japanese franchise. The toys get reran in North America by Hasbro. This game has in-game coins which can be acquired via Code GR Yokai Watch Five Star Coin

The first time this game was released in series for the 3DS Nintendo was in the year 2013. Later in 2019, the video game got expanded to the platform of PlayStation along with the release of the yokai Watch.

In Japan, Yokai Watch was first announced in the main series at the Tokyo game show in 2011 and got released first on July 11, 2013.

Five Star Coin Information

  • Type: Coin 
  • Effect: A Crank a Kai Coin
  • Buy: no information 
  • Description: A unique five star Coin made for the crank a kai
  • There are Code GR Yokai Watch Five Star Coin whose information will be revealed below.
  • The Coin is an in-game inventory item in the Yokai Watch series.

Yokai Watch Produced

The following Yo-Kai gets produced when five-star Coins are used in Crank-a-kai.

Yo-kai  Rank

  • Sushiyama – B
  • Shad. Venice – S
  • Goldenyan- S
  • Pegasus – A
  • Crunch – S
  • Daiz – C
  • Confuse – B
  • Frosting – B

Accessible Of Crank-a-coin

These are the following things one can get via Crank-a-coin 

  • Top technique 
  • Golden doll
  • Mega Export
  • Sushi Yama
  • Sheen
  • Shadow Venoct
  • Crunch
  • Frostail
  • Damone
  • Eterna
  • Count Cavity
  • Goldenyan
  • Auntie Heart

Code GR Yokai Watch Five Star Coin 

The GR codes and inputting password helps to acquire the five-star Coin in the video game Yo-kai watch. Users need to input passwords in the Lambert post office. The QR codes can be used in piggleston bank.

Before trying to have the Five Star Coin for the Yo-kai video game, get the QR Coin Codes.  

There are various other codes such as anime codes, Maxsoft QR codes, Jibanyan medals, and promotional passwords for assessing the different inventory items for this video game.

These codes have up updated on various sources over the internet Platform.


The Code GR Yokai Watch Five Star Coin is undoubtedly the best Yokai game item that helps users get Crank-a-kai Coin.

There are a list of other codes too which aids in accessing other in-game accessories of Yo-kai Watch. The post above very well describes the codes and Five Star Coin of Yokai Watch.

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