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Coco Loco NFT (Aug 2021) Coin Price, Chart, Prediction

Read About Coco Loco NFT, a recently launched community on the Cardano blockchain platform. Get an insight history of this token community here.

Many interested users of blockchain across Canada,  United Kingdom and United States finding the notes representing the details on Coco Loco NFT.

So this particular write-up carries very well defined knowledge about the same, which helps get an enhanced idea of the Coco Loco. This NFT is launched very recently and had been in people’s minds that what Is this Coco Loco about.

Do go through until the end of this article to be very clear and precise about this Coco Loco new launch.

About Coco Loco:

Coco Loco is a non-fungible token that got updated over media on the 26th of August and started its use. Every NFTs are regarded as unique and special. This coco Loco is being minted on the Cardano.

The Coco Loco NFT is featuring ten different sections or divisions. The first and second ones are namely Coco Loco Cardano gold and Coco Loco Cardano. These are ten collectables in the Coco Loco series. In addition, these NFTs have limited series available with the rarest collection.

Key Features Of Coco Loco 

  • Cardano, which is live on the Cardano blockchain, gets minted.
  • Unique: These are unique ones as they are programmable 
  • Limited: each series of Coco Loco are in a limited number 
  • Keep palm: Crypto being a hectic platform, so Coco Loco is an option of escape from the Crypto market
  • Rare: The Rarity of .2% displays Coco Loco Rarity
  • Ecosystem: The Company has started to build their Ecosystem 

Coco Loco NFT Team Members 

The founders’ name of this nft Coco Loco is CocoLoco Dan. The co-founder of this platform is CocoLoco Sarah, and the head of business development of this company is CocoLoco Adam.

Basic Details

  • Created: 2021-08-26
  • Uniqueness: one
  • Similar: 2049x

Meta Data Of Coco Loco 

  • Id: CocoLocoS13025
  • Name: Coco Loco Blue S1NFT 1039
  • Image: ipfs://QmTLktXX6K8EPphQF2JTT66QoPSgsmCH1MbndQSuze7kZ6
  • Series: one
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/CocoLocoNFT
  • Variant: Blue Palm
  • Character: Coco Loco Blue 

Price Of Coco Loco 

Coco Loco is considered the character being inspired by the Palm tree. These are strong, awesome looking, resilient, chill types of Cardano and have its community.

Each Coco Loco NFT completes its minting on the blockchain Cardano, and everyone is regarded as unique.

The worth of One Coco Loco is approximately 50 ADA.

How Many Are Coco Loco Available?

The initial collection of Coco Loco is of 5,035 NFTs. Each of the Coins is generated programmatically, and its said there are hundreds of millions of possibilities when the creation of Coco Loco is being done.

These are being minted once the user sends ADA to get a Coco Loco NFT. So firstly, it is sent to the minting process, and after that it Coco Loco NFT is being delivered to the receiving location of the secured wallet to purchase NFT.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. When is the Coco Loco community launched?

Ans. The Coco Loco got launched on the 26th of August 2021

  1. Who is the founder and CEO of this community?

Ans. The founder and CEO of the Coco Loco community is Coco Loco Dan and Coco Loco Sarah. 

  1. What’s the worth of one Coco Loco token?

Ans. The one Coco Loco worth 50 ADA


Coco Loco NFT seems a better community on the Cardano blockchain. There are lots of features having this NFT. So as its providing such basic features, you must seem interested to Buy Cocoa Loco token. 

Do not hesitate to read the entire page, as every section discussed above displays important notes of this newly created Coco Loco community.

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