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Coach Soccer Arrested: Why Tennessee Franklin Soccer Coach Arrested? Check TN Soccer Coach Recent Facts Here Now!

In this article, we will give information about Coach Soccer Arrested in charge of the molestation of minor students from the Franklin Special School.

Have you heard of a soccer coach who molested a student, gaining their trust? Why are People upset with the authorities’ inconvenience in finding out the criminal who has been molesting minors? What are the current actions of the football coach? The Franklin police department discovers that a 63-year-old soccer coach has been molesting the students in an unconscious state.

People of the United States got massively upset and ragged up by the act of the soccer coach. When authorities recovered the phone of the molester, they recovered multiple videos. Follow the article to get complete information about Coach Soccer Arrested.


About the Incident 

The disclosure of the molestation report came to the public when the football coach, who is known as Camilo Hurtado Campos, phone was recovered from a restaurant. According to the restaurant staff, Campos left his phone on the table. When searching for the phone’s owner, they find some unexpected, horrifying molestation videos.

As a result, they immediately reported to the Franklin authority department and told them about the device and its videos. The police saw the video and found it to be legitimate and illegal, resulting in the arrest of the football coach, Campos. Adding to the police, he is charged with multiple criminal offenses, from molestation to sharing explicit videos of minors. 

Franklin Soccer Coach Arrested

When the news broke in the media, a soccer coach was arrested for molesting the teenagers without their consent. As per the authorities, the soccer coach initially gains the student’s trust, and when they get unconscious after training, he molestes them and fulfills his physical desire. 

As a result, lots of students are not even aware of the fact that their football coach has brutally assaulted them. As per the video recovered in the phone of Campos, there are more than 10 students who were victims of the brutal monster. Additionally, after the disclosure of the story, five more students came forward, telling about their part of the story.

Tennessee Soccer Coach Arrested

Soon after the recovery of evidence, police arrested the coach and tried to identify the victims. A team of detectives are looking for the victims visible in the video he recorded while molesting them. The detectives can recover the identity of the victims from the videos and are looking forward to getting more information about the rest of the students.

As per the investigation, the authority reported that Campos targets students from 7 to 17 years old and gains their trust. Additionally, he bribes and appreciates the students to get them into the main team. As a result, they frequently visited the different locations wherever the coach asked them to come. 

Franklin TN Soccer Coach Arrested

The police reported that when they investigated the criminal to the school dean. He replied he was unaware of the coach’s action and, as per the official record, he is not a part of the school coach. Dean heartfully said he was very disappointed that such inappropriate activities were occurring on his campus. Additionally, he apologized to the parents whose children were molested by the so-called soccer coach. 

Franklin Police Department shared the latest statement in which they mentioned that Campos told the authorities that he calls the student for extra practice, and when they are super tired, he makes physical contact with them. Additionally, sometimes he had a few drugs to make them conscious.

Public Reaction to Coach Soccer Arrested 

The public is filled with rage and anger that lots of families are disturbed and harassed mentally and physically by a soccer coach. Not only the student who suffered the pain and harassment, but the victims’ families also suffered the pain of disbelief. After disclosing the crime, many people are fighting to send their children to school. 

People are losing their trust and hope in the school authorities and the coaches who fulfil their desire for young kids. Since all the students were minors and unaware that their coach molested them during the unconscious state. People are holding for the authorities to take valid action against such monsters.

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Final Verdict

The Franklin soccer coach is finally arrested in case of molestation of the minor victims who were playing in his team. The authorities recovered the videos of molestation from the phone of Campos and charged him with multiple criminal offenses. He is under prosecution, and police are holding him until they recover all the victims. 

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Coach Soccer Arrested: FAQs

Q1 What is the nationality of Campos? 

He seems American. 

Q2 Are there any previous charges held against Campos? 

There is no previous record or charges against Campos.

Q3 Are any of the students aware of the molestation that the coach was making with them? 

Lots of the students were unaware of the molestation thing, but some of them got the idea that their coach brutally assaulted them. 

Q4 For how long was Campos staying in Franklin? 

Campos has been living in Franklin South of Nashville for the past two years.

Q5 When was the Franklin Soccer Coach Arrested

The authorities reported the arrest of Campos on Sunday, 9 July 2023.

Q6 Did police share any footage of Campos molesting the students? 

No police didn’t give any footage of Campos molesting the victims. 

Q7 For how much bond has Campos held? 

According to the county sheriff, he is held for a bond of $525,000.

Q8 How many total students are molested by the Campos?

There is no exact count of the victims, but as of now, more than 15 victims suffered the brutality of Campos.

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