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[Full Video Link] CNN Trump Town Hall Full Video- How to Watch Viral Video On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Twitter?

The article provides all the details related to CNN Trump Town Hall Full Video and highlights the incidents.

Have you come across the recent video from Town Hall? People Worldwide were shocked to find the video online, and the comments raised a backlash of criticism of Trump’s answer to the questions asked by the CNN moderator. The renewed questions were all about how the media will handle the questions on serial falsehoods.

This article will provide details on CNN Trump Town Hall Full Video. Stay tuned to this post to know all the information.


Disclaimer-We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and dignity of people. The news provided is taken from online sources.

Details of the Town Hall Video

Donald Trump is seen repeatedly dodging questions from the moderator. The live session ended for 70 minutes in New Hampshire on Wednesday. He put down the false claims focused on the rigged election that took him down from his post. The moderator asked him why he removed all the documents from the White House, to which Trump got depressed, and he replied that she was a nasty person.

Trump Hall Video Viral On Reddit

The video is shared on social media channels, and the media critics have called his replies disasters, and the crowd consistently laughed and clapped at his punchlines. The CNN news channel has been trying hard to attract more viewers in the last few years, and the telecast had only 3.1 million viewers. 

How to Watch Trump CNN Town Hall?

People who are eager to know about what happened in the news channel can refer to any social media websites or other links which are available online and find the complete video there. The journalists and the other outsiders called the town hall a disaster.

Twitter updates on the video.

As soon as the live discussion was released, people on Twitter started calling the news channel a disaster, and the users put on many hashtags and phrases. People started tagging the news channel with hashtags boycott CNN, Bye CNN and others on Wednesday.

Trump CNN Townhall Full Video

The CNN Town Hall discussion is a 70 minutes long video, and it can be found on various websites. The complete video shows that even now, CNN does not know how to handle Trump and what kind of questions must be asked in front of him. 

Is the video found on Instagram?

The video is published on all social media channels, and we can find some short clips that were the most important aspect of the video uploaded by people on Instagram. The town hall performance was more like a rally than an interview. 

Telegram channel showing Townhall video

We have yet to encounter any Telegram channels that provide the link or details of the video. In case the video is shared on the platform, it may be confined to some private groups or channels. The moderator consistently attempted to keep Trump from lying throughout the 70-minute event.

The presence of YouTube links online

The town hall video has grabbed much attention from the viewers, and after Wednesday, people are searching for the complete video, and the easiest part is to visit YouTube to get the video. YouTube contains the video, and people eager to watch the content can visit the channel.

Details of the video on TikTok

We do not have any details that show the video is present on tik tok. It is of utmost importance that people refrain from attending unnecessary discussions and debates and keep themselves away from getting into such political discussions.

Social media links



The town hall video has gathered huge attention from people, and CNN has responded that the moderator is a world-class journalist and she asked tough, fair and revealing questions to know President Trump’s details. 

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CNN Trump Town Hall Full Video-FAQs

Q1. Who was the CNN moderator who was interviewing Donald Trump?

Kaitlan Collins.

Q2. When did the town hall incident take place?

On Wednesday.

Q3. What questions were asked by the journalist that fumed President Trump?

The questions were related to lies and allegations and election fraud.

Q4. What was CNN’s reaction after all the allegations against the journalist?

They said that it was the channel’s duty to keep the truth in check.

Q5. Did the president talk about the 2020 election fraud?


Q6. Was the town hall event successful?


Q7. What do people think of the video?

People have given mixed reviews on the event.

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