Clucoin Contract Address (May 2021) How to Buy, Price

Clucoin Contract Address (Jun 2021) How to Buy?, Price

Clucoin Contract Address (Jun 2021) How to Buy?, Price >> It is the guide to help you learn about the new charity token and the methods to buy it.

If you are a philanthropist, you will appreciate the new charity token called Clucoin. It is the Hyper Deflationary Token featuring the Smart Staking System. So, one can buy, earn, hold, and help others in need with the charity token. 

The charity token is available for purchase on PanCakeSwap, and you need BNB or BSC to buy and exchange the charity token. The present price of the token is $2.48e-7, and the token’s trading volume is $8 875m 868 USB. 

Because of its increasing supply and demand in the crypto market, Worldwide investors want to buy it, and hence they want to know the Clucoin Contract Address.    

A Few Words about Clucoin

Clucoin is the first charity token founded by DNP3, the organization behind the regular giveaway on social platforms, ranging from cash to cryptocurrencies and PCs.

Who is the Founder of Clucoin?

It has a small management team of six people, backed by many Worldwide helpers, a growing community of passionate people, and a social media team who want to take Clucoin to its pinnacle.  

Clucoin Market Cap and Supply

The fully diluted market of the token is $248 492 717.530, and the live value and market cap data is not available. However, people want to know the Clucoin Contract Address to buy it on Binance Smart Chain. 

However, the token has the highest supply of 1, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 CLU. Therefore, it ensures a transparent and fair distribution. There are more than 24 000 holders and registered over 51 310 transactions on Binance Smart Chain.

What is the Clucoin Price?

The Clucoin Price on the top exchanges is $2.48e-7, and it has registered a trading volume of $8 875 868 USD. There is one wallet address that controls the share of the CLU balance. Forty trillion CLU has burnt already, and the next 30 trillion coins follow the pattern from next month. So, get the Clucoin Contract Address now to start buying it for profit.  

How to Buy Clucoin?

Interested buyers of Clucoin have to follow a few steps. Here are the PanCakeSwap instructions to buy the charity token. 

  • Download the trusted digital wallet, TrustWallet
  • Buy sufficient BSC or BNB
  • Launch the PanCakeSwap on your browser 
  • Choose the currency you want to buy and hold
  • Now you have to enter the contract address of the Clucoin
  • The Clucoin Contract Address is 0x1162e2efce13f99ed259ffc24d99108aaa0ce935 
  • Before you swap the token, ensure to set the slippage between 11 and 12 percent
  • Set the amount of coin you want to swap and confirm your transaction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q . What is the Price Prediction of Clucoin?

A – The token’s value will likely increase from $2.48e-7 to $2.87 in 24 hours.

Q . What is the Contract Address of CluCoin?

A – The Clucoin Contract Address is 0x1162e2efce13f99ed259ffc24d99108aaa0ce935.

Q . What are the Top Exchanges to Trade Clucoin?

A – Clucoin can be traded on selected top exchanges, including DODO BSC, BKEX, and more.

Q . What is the official website of the Clucoin?

A – Website –

Wrapping It All

Clucoin, is a crypto token designed by the community as a charity system or token directly into the score. The system is developed to heighten the holdings, preventing whales in the market, and promote charities globally.

However, you need to buy and hold the charity token into your trusted wallet. The process for buying the token is shared above. Ensure to copy the Clucoin Contract Address for smooth purchasing. Moreover, if you are looking for which apps to trade in for the Cryptocurrency, please click here for the entire information.

Do you hold Clucoin Crypto Token? Which platform did you use to buy it? Please share it in the comments section.

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